Residential Solar Systems

The household, or residential solar system is the basis of how our business was built! Our team of experts have been sitting down with homeowners since day one and have a depth of experience in recommending the right size system to meet individual needs and consumption habits.

The use of fossil fuels becoming less desirable combined with budget-conscious homeowners wanting to reduce their electricity bills, has seen record numbers of residential installations across Australia. No matter what the reason is for switching to solar, our team of experts can size and price a system to suit any budget and goal. We offer a variety of Tier 1 products that have been extensively tested for Australian conditions.

  • Step 1

    We will take the time to visit you in person and sit down with you to assess your energy usage and consumption habits. We will also determine how suitable your rooftop is for solar.

  • Step 2

    We will teach you how to read your electricity bills and understand how the charges are calculated so you can interpret how our calculations can result in a system solution that can help you save in multiple ways.

    We can show you the real numbers that will lead to a $0, or drastically reduced electricity bill. We will confidently size the right system using REAL historical data from your electricity bills. We will also discuss any future home improvement plans that might need to be taken into account when designing your solar system.

  • Step 3

    We explain feed-in tariffs and the federal government Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs), so you can get the full picture and assess the positive impact on your budget. As a standard practice, we provide this savings and costing breakdown to you in an easy-to-read document for review after our appointment.

Not sure you’re ready? Let it cool off…

We won’t size and price a system unless we know we can deliver everything we’ve told you at our face-to-face meeting. That’s why we offer a ten-day cooling-off period if you change your mind, with no financial impact. How’s that for customer first?

In Australia, there’s a National Small-Scale Technology Certificates Scheme(STC’s)

That’s money back in your pocket

which can reduce the out-of-pocket cost of a solar system. The certificates scheme is a financial incentive program for you to install renewable energy systems such as solar panels, inverters and storage solutions such as solar batteries.

Find out more about the STCs available in your state

Partnership and Industry Memberships

We believe we have a duty of care to our customers, our team and our industry partners. This is why we have partnered with relevant industry bodies to ensure we are up-to-date with the latest safety and compliance expectations of our trade and can continue to provide our customers with the most advanced industry-leading solutions.

We take every measure to provide complete transparency about our business and our processes to ensure we deliver solar solutions to the highest standard in Australia and are a Clean Energy Council (CEC) Accredited Retailer, a Smart Energy Council Member and a Member of the Master Electricians Australia.


At Nectr we like to give our customers choice when it comes to funding their new Solar power lifestyle. Not only do we accept cash, eftpos and the usual credit card options, but we also have a suite of very well known and trusted Finance partners that have offers & exclusive deals for our customers only. Get in contact to find out more and consider your options.


Brighte is on a mission to make every home sustainable. By making the benefits of clean energy simple, accessible, and affordable to Australian families. Brighte’s 0% interest payment plan provides the opportunity to upgrade your energy efficiency today, and pay it back over time.

Learn more about the 0% interest payment plan here.
Approval criteria, fees, terms and conditions apply.


As a customer-centric team of thinkers, Plenti offer our solar customers two options for funding their new system. A buy now, pay later product, as well as a green loan. With Plenti your spoiled for choice as there is guaranteed to be a repayment option that fits your lifestyle & budget.

Learn more about who Plenti are, here


Previously known as Certegy Ezi-Pay, Humm have reinvented themselves to appeal to the broader consumer retail market. Humm takes pride in offering no-fuss borrowing and repayment solutions for small or large payment amounts, across a broad range of retailers.

Learn more about who Humm are, here

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