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To create a system that is able to convert power in the most efficient way, our inverter products have to stand up to the quality and performance level of our exceptional solar panel selection. And that they do. As the most important component of second stage of the power generation process, the inverter converts the Direct Current that is produced via the sunlights absorption into the solar panel cells, into Alternating Current so it can be utilised in our homes and businesses as the power from the electrical grid is.


Sungrow is one of the largest inverter manufacturers in the world. They are known to be a reliable, cost-effective inverter solution. They were founded in 1997 to help rural landowners utilise solar power. To this day they help thousands of homes make use of the sun’s energy. Sungrow offers a number of highly efficient residential inverters known as the SG series.


Fronius is well known as one of the highest quality solar inverter manufacturers. They offer a very safe and reliable system, as well as a standalone monitoring solution that will allow you to view your solar systems production via your smartphone. With a 75 year business history we are proud to partner with a responsible company such as Fronius.


Huawei inverters offer a fantastic middle ground for households looking to get the most for their money. Providing a highly efficient and modern inverter solution at a reasonable price, Instyle has chosen Huawei to be one of our trusted inverter partners after much research.


Enphase is the number one provider of high quality microinverters. Microinverters enable homeowners with shading or roofing layout issues to maximise their system. Enphase allows many homeowners who otherwise may not have had the opportunity to install solar panels to do so.


See what residential solar is about


See what residential solar is about


See what residential solar is about

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