Solar Power Product Range

At Nectr we work with our customers to design a solar solution which meets their energy consumption and budget range. Our ethos is to design a system which lasts as long as possible and provides the best energy solution for household or business energy needs.

We believe in brands who do things with the customer-first mentality. Customers make the world go round and if we are not pleasing them with quality, longevity, simplicity and high performance – then we aren’t doing our due diligence.

We have carefully selected our solar products & partners

Our partner selection process is rigorous and we are proud of being able to bring the very best solution to our customers with our strong joint presence in the market. Here are just some of our non-negotiables:

  • We only install Tier 1 products

    We exclusively partner with brands who only offer Tier 1 Products that are in the top 2 percent of the highest performing products globally. These products are tested extensively for a range of climates and conditions across the world to ensure they can withstand and perform to the highest level in the harsh Australian climate.

  • Industry leading warranties

    We carefully look for products with industry-leading warranties that exceed all other products on offer. We want to ensure our customers are taken care of long after the installation is complete. Nectr handles all warranty cases and queries in-house, with the support of our partners. The length of the warranties our partners offer are the leading international industry standards.

  • We only partner with brands with an Australian footprint

    It’s important to us all of our partner brands have a strong presence in Australia to ensure timeliness and availability for both product supply and aftersales support. We have a careful and rigorous selection criteria to identify who will maintain product availability, industry trust and provide globally recognised Tier 1 products and services.

Solar Panels

Electricity is generated after the sunlight hits the solar panels and positively charges the silicon atoms contained within the panel cells. The positively charged atoms travel in a Direct Current (DC) into the inverter.

Solar Inverters

The inverter has one main job – to convert the DC electricity received via the solar panels, into Alternating Current (AC). It needs to make this conversion so the power can be used within your home in the same way power from the grid is used. If there isn’t a battery storage system in place, the inverter also pushes any unused power back to the grid.

Solar Batteries

A solar power storage system usually contains one or more batteries and inverters. The idea behind a battery storage system is to hold unused power so it can be used on days when consumption is higher. Just like a car battery, a solar battery will remain full until the power is completely drained. As more power is generated, the excess goes into the battery until it is full, then it’s drawn on, refilled and so on.

Solar Monitoring

One of the most significant changes in the solar industry in recent years is the addition of solar system production and consumption monitoring. There are currently two types of monitoring – the first is standard inverter production monitoring, which comes embedded in the inverter device. The second is a range of additional add-on products which provide live data that is more detailed with numerous insights into your system production and household consumption habits.


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As a customer-centric team of thinkers, Plenti offer our solar customers two options for funding their new system. A buy now, pay later product, as well as a green loan. With Plenti your spoiled for choice as there is guaranteed to be a repayment option that fits your lifestyle & budget.

Learn more about who Plenti are at


As a premium renewable energy financial institution, Brighte has won many awards for their innovative approach that addresses the needs of homeowners and the unique green energy marketplace. Brighte offer financial products with 0 percent interest, a quick and easy application process and flexible options for payment arrangements.

Learn more about Brighte at


Previously known as Certegy Ezi-Pay, Humm have reinvented themselves to appeal to the broader consumer retail market.
Humm takes pride in offering no-fuss borrowing and repayment solutions for small or large payment amounts, across a broad range of retailers.

Learn more about HUMM at

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