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4.6 out of 5
219 reviews
4.6 out of 5
219 reviews

Is Solar Worth It In Sydney?

There are so many reasons to install solar, no matter where you are in the country, but that is especially true in Sunny Sydney, known for its famous beaches, the Opera house, and soaring electricity prices. Solar offers homeowners a way to stabilise their expenses, reduce their quarterly electricity bills, minimise their carbon footprint, and that’s all the more true in Sydney. Here’s a few reasons its worth it to install solar in Sydney:

1. Sydney Gets Heaps of Sun for Solar

Sydney receives much more sunlight than the rest of the world. While it may come just under the Sunshine State, NSW receives roughly 2592 sunlight hours each year. To put that into perspective, the UK (which has a thriving solar industry) receives just 1493 sunlight hours per year. That means your solar system is likely to produce much more power each day. That means more savings on your bill.

System Size (kW)Production (kWh)Average Daily Savings

2. Solar in NSW Cheaper Than Most States

Solar is cheaper than the national average in Sydney! That’s great news for homeowners looking to cut their bills. Whether it’s due to the larger population or because it’s the business hub of Australia, you can expect to pay less than some other states for a premium solar panel installation and service. And while this is great for homeowners in Sydney, solar is getting cheaper everywhere. In fact, solar has come down in price by about 82% since 2010. There has never been a better time to install solar energy!

3. Rebates, Tariffs, and Incentives in Sydney!

There are a number of tariffs and incentives available in NSW. A tariff is a payment that a homeowner receives for exporting power to the grid. Yes, people can get paid for installing solar! The STC scheme is a way for the cost of solar to be reduced. Installers are paid up to $4000 which is passed onto the homeowner. This can massively reduce the amount you pay. To see if you are qualified for this incentive you can click here.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Despite the absolutely huge amount of research that goes into designing, engineering and manufacturing solar technology, it is easy to understand. Put simply, solar panels produce power when light waves smash into the silicon semi-conductor ‘solar cells’. This causes a chemical reaction in which electricity is produced. This electricity then rushes down the circuits connected to each panel, collecting at the ‘Solar Inverter. This inverter then inverts the power from direct current to alternating current, making it useful for home appliances. From there the power is either used in the home or sent to the grid to be used by your neighbours. From there you will be paid for exporting power, which is one way to reduce your bills.

Why Choose Nectr in Sydney?

Nectr is a rapidly growing installer, offering customers a premium quality product with comprehensive post-sale support. We have been around since 2014, and have been working with the Sydney community for over 4 years. Our CEO is a Sydney local and feels passionate about helping Sydney homeowners save on their energy bills.

3000 Installations in Sydney & NSW

We have completed more than 3000 successful installations in Greater Sydney and NSW since 2014! We have since received hundreds of positive reviews and not one ACCC complaint or major failure.

Local Installers, Local Office

We have a local office in Revesby and employ local installers. This means we are on time, get the job done, and get it done properly. This also means that if anything does go wrong, we can have our guys out and fix the problem in 24 hours.

CEC Qualified Retailer

We are a CEC qualified installer, as well as a CEC qualified retailer. This means we have been approved a responsible and high-quality solar installer, and also are bound to certain codes of conduct aiming at protecting the customer, and the safety of the home. We are proud to be part of the Clean Energy Council retailers program and aim to surpass the industry standards required of us.

How Much Does Solar Cost to Install in Sydney?

While we are unable to give exact prices without conducting an in-home solar consultation, as a CEC qualified retailer, we aim to make sure our prices are within the range of the CEC pricing guideline. This guideline aims to provide a range of prices for Sydney’s and Australia’s homeowners.

System SizeEstimate Price Range
2 kW$2,800 – $5,600
3 kW$2,900 – $6,950
4 kW$3,400 – $7,900
5 kW$3,500 – $9,500
10 kW$7,600 – $14,100
You can view more on the CEC website.

Every home has a different roof configuration, surrounding tree line, energy usage patterns, and bill size. So the cost to install solar varies. However, what we can say is that most of our customers spend next to nothing out of pocket to install solar power. How is that possible? 80% of our customers choose to finance their system using smart no-deposit, no-interest payment plans. Then, they take the money they are saving on their energy bills each quarter and use this to pay off their system. Easy! That means you can have a system on your roof without spending more than you do already. That’s why our motto is, “If you can afford your energy bill, you can afford solar”.

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Our Pain Free Guarantee Explained

Installing solar power can look complicated from the outside, but at Nectr, we keep solar simple.

Our Pain Free Guarantee is backed by an experienced team who know how to make your transition from electricity to solar smooth and seamless. If you experience anything less, we’ll jump through hoops and climb over mountains to get it sorted out and turn you into one of our happiest customers.

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Ready to Start Saving with Solar in Sydney?

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Why Should You Enquire About Solar Today?

No Better Time Than Now

Sydney solar prices are already some of the lowest in the world! However, with predicted price increases due to shipping supply constraints, and rebate reductions, now is the best time to go solar.

Rising Energy Costs

Sydney is in wait for soaring electricity prices as coal plants fail to keep up with energy demand. It’s time to put solar on your to-do list, before your bills go up!

Work With Experts

Our founders are Sydney Locals! With over 3000 safe installations, we guarantee you’ll have a pain free, professional solar power installation completed by our in-house CEC accredited installers. Now that’s confidence.

The process has been really easy and the communication throughout has been excellent with everything explained in detail. If we had questions that staff have been really helpful, the workmanship was high quality with the installation.

Nicci Gelder

The team were very helpful and answered all our questions. We had great customer service and are looking forward to our solar system saving us money for our future.

Shannon Kelly

Normally I don’t write reviews, but these guys are so good I felt I had to. Their products are first class and the installation guys were brilliant. The staff at Nectr should give other companies lessons on customer service!

David Lease

Recommend by my cousin. Absolutely enjoyed the process from beginning to end with my Nectr panels. Great solar company! I will definitely recommend them to all my family and friends!

Anne De Guzman
4.6 out of 5
219 reviews
4.6 out of 5
219 reviews

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