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4.6 out of 5
219 reviews
4.6 out of 5
219 reviews

Are Solar Panels Worth it in Melbourne ?

By working with an experience, awarded, and premium provider like Nectr, you know that your system specifications and design are exactly to your homes needs and energy profile. However, most Melbournites are used to rainy days and cloudy skies. So it makes sense that many homeowners wonder if they will still get their money’s worth when installing solar energy. Well, it turns out we Australian’s are just spoilt for sunshine. Melbourne receives 6-7 sun hours on average; that’s a massive amount of direct sunlight for your solar system. The average solar system will save you between 50-80% on your energy bills.

Here’s a breakdown of how different system sizes help save you on your bills:

System Size (kW)Production (kWh)Average Daily Savings

In Melbourne, on top of the national solar incentive, the Victorian government offers very attractive rebates and loans to significantly reduce the cost of solar for 1 million homes across the state, making a significant impact on the affordability of solar.

By working with an experienced, awarded and premium provider like Nectr, you know that your system specifications and design are exactly to your homes needs and energy profile. This has a huge effect on your ability to pay off your system!

What is the SolarVic Rebate? Am I Eligible in Melbourne?

Solar Victoria (the organisation) was set up by the Department of Environment, Water, Land and Planning to help distribute the Victorian Government’s Solar Homes Program. This Victorian Solar Rebate program is awarded to any home that installs solar power. In year 1, over 33,000 homes applied and received this rebate. All homes in Victoria are eligible, meaning Melbourne homeowners can access this rebate and loan after applying and being approved. Nectr has helped hundreds of homeowners in Melbourne take advantage of these rebates, handling all the finicky paperwork. We are a CEC authorised retailer, a requirement for being eligible for the rebate, and so we can make getting solar on your home an easy and pain-free way to reduce your bills. Solar Victoria offers several programs to help homeowners, including the rebate, the loan and the battery rebate.

SolarVic Rebate & Loan

The solar rebate of $1400* is provided to all eligible homeowners once approved. To receive this rebate, you must first get familiar with your eligibility and meet the criteria. You can then contact an approved solar provider such as Nectr to get a quote. Next, we will show you which products are approved and design a system specific to your homes needs. From there, we will help guide you through the application process and handle all additional paperwork on our end. Finally, a SolarVic inspector will inspect the installation, and from there, you will have the amount deposited directly into your nominated account.
Optionally you can also access an additional, interest-free and publicly-funded loan. You must pay this loan back over four years, and there are no limits on repayments. That’s about $6.73 a week! This amount can significantly reduce the cost of solar for Melbourne homeowners and decrease your pay off time by up to 50%. So are you eligible?

SolarVic Eligibility Criteria for Melbourne Homes:

  • You are the owner of the property.
  • Your property is not worth more than $3 million.
  • You have not previously received the rebate.
  • Your family income does not exceed $180,000.
  • You do not have a solar system installed, unless
    it was installed prior to 2009.

* This amount is accurate as of December 21st, 2021.

SolarVic Battery Rebate

The SolarVic Battery rebate is $3500 and is provided to all eligible homeowners in every Victorian postcode. This program is designed to help homeowners with existing solar systems take advantage of home energy storage technology. This technology enables the grid to better cope with increasing demand and help you, the homeowner, reduce your quarterly bills. Homeowners can install solar panels and batteries simultaneously; however, each residence may only receive one of the two programs, so choose wisely.

How Do I Apply for SolarVic?

At Nectr, we are dedicated to making solar pain-free and straightforward! So while the SolarVic process can feel daunting, we have your back. Our team of trained administrative staff have spent years working with grid applications, network requests and more, and they will make sure your solar gets up on the roof in no time. First, however, it is important to make sure you understand how the process works.

  1. Receive a written quote from Nectr. Start by clicking here.
  2. We upload this to the portal. You will receive a link to then access
    you application.
  3. You complete your side of the application. You will require a few documents.
  4. You will receive a eligibility number and QR code.
  5. Once approved, we will arrange an installation.
  6. On the day, we scan the QR code to complete the job!
  7. Once we process the final details you will receive the rebate.
  8. Save on your energy bills.

Why Choose Nectr in Melbourne?

Nectr is known in the industry as a premium provider. That’s not because we charge high prices, but because our post-sale service is second to none. So you know that we will stick around to make sure you’re saving the most possible on your energy bills. We are Australia’s third fastest-growing company according to the AFR (2020) because our customers are thrilled to have cut their bills by up to 80%, using Tier one solar panels, high-quality inverters and a local installation team. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us for your solar panel installation:

CEC Approved Retailer

Working with certified and qualified installers has never been more critical for Melbourne homeowners. Only CEC approved retailers and installers are eligible to install SolarVic supported systems. Choosing the wrong installer could mean spending up to $2800 you didn’t have to on the same system. Choose an installer you can trust.

7 Years In the Trade

Most product warranties in the solar industry only last ten years. That’s why we are proud of being in business for seven years now. We service and help maintain up to 25 systems a week, keeping our existing customers happy. So when an inverter runs an error or a panel gets accidentally damaged, you know we’ll be there for years to come!

Premium Panels & Products

We work with the best! That includes our manufacturers, installation teams, customer service staff and more. We pride ourselves on fostering direct-to-manufacturer relationships with some of the largest and best quality solar panel companies in the world.

Canadian Solar: Canadian Solar was founded in Canada in 2001 and has shipped over 52GW of solar panels. They are a premium Tier 1 provider, producing high-efficiency cells that capture over 21% of the available solar energy. We are proud to partner with panel providers you can rely on.

Risen Solar: Risen is a reliable Tier 1 manufacturer of high-efficiency solar panels. They back themselves with a AAA credit rating and 15-year product warranty, two great signs of their longevity. Having been founded in 1986, they now produce 8.6MW of panels a year.

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Our Pain Free
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Installing solar power can look complicated from the outside, but at Nectr, we keep solar simple.

Our Pain Free Guarantee is backed by an experienced team who know how to make your transition from electricity to solar smooth and seamless. If you experience anything less, we’ll jump through hoops and climb over mountains to get it sorted out and turn you into one of our happiest customers.

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Why Install Solar Power in Melboune?

Great Rebates

Victorians are in a great position of being
able to take advantage of two solar incentives.
The SolarVic program and the national solar
incentive. But both are decreasing over time!

High Energy Prices

Victoria has some of the highest energy bills in the country with homeowners spending over $1000 a year on power. A solar system can reduce your bills by up to 80%!

Work With Experts

With over 20,000 safe installations, we guarantee you’ll have a pain free, professional solar power installation completed by our in-house CEC accredited installers. Now that’s confidence.

The process has been really easy and the communication throughout has been excellent with everything explained in detail. If we had questions that staff have been really helpful, the workmanship was high quality with the installation.

Nicci Gelder

The team were very helpful and answered all our questions. We had great customer service and are looking forward to our solar system saving us money for our future.

Shannon Kelly

Normally I don’t write reviews, but these guys are so good I felt I had to. Their products are first class and the installation guys were brilliant. The staff at Nectr should give other companies lessons on customer service!

David Lease

Recommend by my cousin. Absolutely enjoyed the process from beginning to end with my Nectr panels. Great solar company! I will definitely recommend them to all my family and friends!

Anne De Guzman
4.6 out of 5
219 reviews
4.6 out of 5
219 reviews

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