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4.6 out of 5
219 reviews
4.6 out of 5
219 reviews

Is Solar Energy Worth it in Adelaide?

Power prices are up across the country. But judging by the cost of power in Adelaide and SA, they have been ‘up’ for some time. Did you know that South Australia pays more for power than any other state? In fact, the average energy bill in Adelaide is $1584 a year! Depending on who you energy plan is with, you could be spending up to $0.35/kWh for power. Whereas other states are paying less than $0.25/kwh. Is solar worth it in Adelaide? More than any other state! Look at this breakdown of how much more you can be expected to save on power in Adelaide, SA:

System Size (kW)Production (kWh)Yearly Savings ($0.25/kWh)Yearly Savings ($0.35/kWh)

As you can see a 10kW solar system in Adelaide will save you almost 30% more than if you were to install that very same system in other states. This is not to mention the various rebates on offer that can reduce the price of solar, or the No Interest, No Deposit plans that can help you pay off the remaining cost over time.

What Solar Rebates and Incentives Can I Receive In Adelaide?

Adelaide has a number of incentives, rebates available for homeowners which is good news given that SA homeowners are charged more for power than almost anywhere else in the world. Each program has different eligibility criteria so it’s important to understand what you are qualified for, but at Nectr, we have qualified staff on board to assist you to get access and reduce the price of solar.

National Solar Incentive

The federal incentive, otherwise known as the Small scale technology certificate program awards certificates to installers when they install a solar system. Power companies are legally required to buy these certificates at the market rate, the funds are then given to the installer. This reduced cost is then passed on to the homeowner. How much can you save?

  • Currently, a 6.6-kW solar system in Adelaide gets 91 STCs.
  • At the average price of $38 per STC, this is equivalent to an incentive of $3,458 (around $524 per kilowatt installed).
  • The price of a 6.6-kW solar installation is around $10,500 before incentives, but the STC reduces the net cost to $7,042.
  • In other words, the STC incentive covers around 33% of the upfront cost.

City of Adelaide Sustainability Incentives Scheme

The City of Adelaide Sustainability Incentives Scheme is a council-funded program to additionally reduce the cost of solar. This program ends in June of 2021. The amount your receive is dependent on the size of your system. The ranges between each rebate amount is quite large, meaning most homeowners will receive the smallest amount. The amount provided to homeowners is below:

  • Up to $1,000 for systems between 1.5 kW and 10 kW
  • Up to $2,500 for systems between 10 kW and 20 kW
  • Up to $5,000 for systems over 20 kW

Home Battery Rebate

The South Australian government offers a very generous home battery rebate awarded to homeowners who install solar batteries. Currently, homeowners can receive up to $300/kWh. For example, a Tesla Powerwall is a 13.5kWh battery. If you installed a Tesla Powerwall, you would receive $4050 off the price of solar. Most solar batteries available in Adelaide cost up to $1000/kWh, which means this rebate can reduce the cost by 30%. Not bad!

Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme 

The REES is not in fact a direct solar rebate but helps to alleviate some of the costs of installing solar, or solar hot water by paying for some of the maintenance costs. You can receive:

  • Water heater replacements and upgrades, including solar water heating.
  • Connecting an electric resistance heater or heat pumps to a “solar sponge” tariff.
  • Connecting a home battery system to a virtual power plant (VPP). Both new and existing batteries are eligible.

As well as that you can also receive up to $500 to install a hot water timer switch, which in turn will reduce your overall electricity bill.

What Solar System Size Should I Get in Adelaide?

To properly size your system, we conduct a no-obligation in-home appointment in which our SA based energy experts will be able to size up your roof, assess your bill size, and energy usage profile to determine what your home needs to make the most of solar power. That being said to help guide you through your solar journey we have put together a quick and easy rule of thumb to help you assess your solar requirements.

No. of PeoplePoolDucted AirconBill SizeSystem
1-2NoNo$250-$400Not Recommended
1-2YesYes$400-$6005kW System
3-4NoNo$400-$6005kW System
3-4YesYes$600-$8006.6kW to 8kW
4+NoNo$600-$8006.6kW to 8kW

Are Solar Panels Expensive in Adelaide?

Our motto is, “If you can afford your power bill, you can afford solar!”. What does that mean? Unlike a new car or new TV, solar is an investment designed to give you a return from Day 1. Once panels are on your roof and the system is switched on, your home stops buying power from the grid. The less you buy, the less you spend. That means your bills are going to look a lot less bulky!

Most homeowners choose to finance their system, paying it off week by week. All this is to say; most homeowners save MORE or equal to the amount they spend to finance the system. So it costs next to nothing out of pocket to get started, and within 3-5 years, you will have paid the system off entirely. So no matter your budget, everyone can reduce their bills to pay for their solar! It’s a no brainer.

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Why Install Solar Power in Adelaide?

Endless Sun Hours

Adelaide is the perfect city for solar power. With up to 4.2 sun hours every day, homeowners can expect the most from their solar energy. As well as that, energy prices are on the rise.

High Energy Prices

South Australia has some of the highest energy bills in the country with homeowners spending over $1000 a year on power. A solar system can reduce your bills by up to 80%!

Work With Experts

We are headquartered in Brisbane! With over 20,000 safe installations, we guarantee you’ll have a pain free, professional solar power installation completed by our in-house CEC accredited installers. Now that’s confidence.

The process has been really easy and the communication throughout has been excellent with everything explained in detail. If we had questions that staff have been really helpful, the workmanship was high quality with the installation.

Nicci Gelder

The team were very helpful and answered all our questions. We had great customer service and are looking forward to our solar system saving us money for our future.

Shannon Kelly

Normally I don’t write reviews, but these guys are so good I felt I had to. Their products are first class and the installation guys were brilliant. The staff at Nectr should give other companies lessons on customer service!

David Lease

Recommend by my cousin. Absolutely enjoyed the process from beginning to end with my Nectr panels. Great solar company! I will definitely recommend them to all my family and friends!

Anne De Guzman
4.6 out of 5
219 reviews
4.6 out of 5
219 reviews

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