When you’re looking for a solar quote, there are plenty of companies who will advertise cheap and quick systems to make a pretty penny. At Nectr, we prefer to do in-home consultations to provide you a more accurate and efficient solar solution – specific to your needs. After all, your system is going to be with you for about 25 years, so we should at least have coffee together first.

“So the reason we’ve always done the in-home assessments rather than just sending out a quote is we feel that solar can often be a very confusing space so what we first want to do isis help customers even understand how they’re currently using power in their own home so actually break down a power bill show customers how to read the bill you know a lot of customers actually literally pay the bill and have no idea how any of the numbers work at the same time it also allows us to have a look around the site see if there’s any issues in regards to performance or whether they’re you know meter box is compliant all the other little bits and bobs that we need to look at and then give a customer a full idea the long-term benefit of having an assessment this way rather than just a say a phone proposal or phone quote or something is we often get to spend a lot more time together and discuss you know energy needs in a customer’s household actually understand you know what their what their future environment is going to look like so if they’re adding you know a pool or changing something in the house or maybe they’re going to have more children maybe their children are getting older and using more power these are all things we actually generally want to know in the consultation because it might actually help us size the system correctly and not just meet the needs of the two to five years but actually meet the needs over the next 25 years[Applause][Music]my advice would be to let install solo come down sit down with you run you through everything give you peace of mind and make sure that you go with us”