Solar Inverter Troubleshooting Nectr

“Inverter faults so if you see a red light that generally means there’s a fault now depending on your inverter you’re going to have different fault codes so you could actually probably quickly do a google search and find out what that fault is but if you have any kind of good company that’s installed your system you should be able to pick up the phone get an answer pretty quick from the service team okay so most companies that have seen these faults are going to know what these faults are and they can walk you through the necessary steps some faults are as simple as a voltage clip okay so this means maybe your system is producing so much power at the same time other people in your neighbourhood were producing so much power and everybody was exporting too much into the grid now the grid network wasn’t actually designed for this so what’s going to happen is you’re actually going to have voltage push back this is called voltage rise when this happens your inverter may actually get too much voltage sent back to it from the grid and as a safety precaution it’s actually going to shut itself down so this is where you need to do a simple restart when you have a voltage clip and your system should be ready to go now this is just a safety precaution on the inverters built-in if there’s nothing on your inverter screen you’ve got a bigger problem and obviously if it’s the middle of the day and you’ve got some nice sun your inverter could potentially be broken or maybe your solar main switch is tripped or your ac isolator is true so have a quick look at your ac isolator and your solar main pv switch if both of those are on and you see nothing on your inverter time to pick up the phone because you need a new inverter”