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Ron is saving over $2,500 a year with his 6.6kW Nectr system

Ron is one of the numerous homeowners who learned about solar functions and is still using solar energy. Changing from the conventional electricity source to a 6.6kW Instyle solar system has saved Ron $2,500 every year since 2019. All that Ron did was use an efficient solar system, and he could not be prouder.

Many homeowners are yet to see the importance of the solar system in their homes. On the other hand, there are tons of homeowners that know and utilise the function of the solar system. They understand its use and harness its benefits for their purposes.

Here is Ron and his take on the use of the solar system.

Who is Ron?

Ron is one of the few homeowners that took a bold move to cut down their electricity bills. 

Ron and his wife have lived in their home for over 40 years. They built their home themselves and structured it to their taste. They also wanted something more, which they finally got with Instyle solar; unlimited electricity with little to no bills.

Ron’s challenges

Like every other homeowner, Ron had several challenges when it came to electricity. One of the most significant is the electricity bills payment. Paying electricity monthly, quarterly, or yearly was a considerable deduction from his earnings.

Ron had to pay about $400 to $450 every quarter, equivalent to about $1800 per year. This is amount became more burdening when he realised that he had a better option; going solar. 

Ron took the option many homeowners are afraid to take. He chose the option of lesser electricity bills, which gave him more comfort than ever. The comfort of having his earnings not deducted was comforting enough.

How did Ron get solar?

When Ron decided to install solar, he started searching for professional solar providers on the internet. When he discovered Nectr, he couldn’t have been in better hands.

Ron placed a call to talk about the possibility of putting up a solar system with Nectr. Instyle did not waste time in setting up a meeting with Ron for a professional solar assessment

In no time, Ron was on the path to becoming electrically independent. He was approaching a stage where he would have to pay little or no electricity bills. 

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What did Instyle do?

Instyle provided Ron with a professional that is highly experienced and knowledgeable with solar systems. Rory is well-versed with installing solar systems, the benefits and the intricate details of using solar panels. 

According to Ron, our expert, Rory, was very approachable, friendly, and professional. Ron also acknowledges that the professional was knowledgeable as he gave relevant information. 

Let’s explore the critical details that they focused on.

Panel types

The professional gave Ron the needed information on the types of solar panels that suit his home. He also told Ron the pros and cons of each panel type and gave recommendations on which panel type Ron should choose. 

Ron appreciates this vital information because it helped him pick the 6.6kW solar panel for his home.

Inverter types

The professional also gave relevant information on the types of inverter Ron could get. They discussed the capacity of each type of inverter. He also told Ron about the durability, quality, and efficiency of the inverter types and recommended the type of inverter Ron should choose. Ron does not regret his choice.

Needs-based system

The assigned professional from Instyle gave Ron specific information about solar panel installation and other things to choose from, based on his home’s needs. Our expert’s knowledge was relevant and highly beneficial to Ron. 

Overall, Ron appreciates the service of Instyle and the professionalism provided by the company.

Is Ron’s problem solved?

Since Ron installed the solar system for his home, he has experienced a drastic reduction in the electricity bills he usually pays. He moved from paying $400 to $450 per quarter to not paying anything and even getting paid by the electricity company. Ron has successfully saved $2000 to $2500 every year from using the solar system.

Ron is glad his problem got solved. Since 2019 when he joined the list of customers at Instyle, he has achieved a better living. You could also enjoy these benefits if you take the right step.

Nectr solved Ron’s challenges. He now enjoys a new era of electricity. You can also be part of this new era of electricity by taking the appropriate steps.

Why is Instyle so professional?

Ron was kind enough to share Instyle’s features that make us perform better than many other solar companies. 

Let’s check out the professional features and services Ron enjoyed from Instyle below.

High efficiency

Instyle has several teams of workers that provide quality and efficient solar installation services. Instyle is on the path to becoming one of the best solar companies around you. With high efficiency from every individual and team of workers, Instyle meets the requirements of every client, just like we did with Ron.


Instyle also provides detailed information on how solar works and ensures you make the best choice as a customer. 

Every professional is as informative as Rory, who worked with Ron. You can get more than enough details about the solar system from Instyle and how to use it to meet your home’s energy needs and save money.


Instyle cherishes meticulous documentation. Ron admits that we provided him with all the documentation needed to get started on solar and run his home on greener energy.

And as we like to keep track of our progress with every customer, we document every clients’ request, complaint, or opinion. Our customers’ feedback makes us improve our services to suit the requirements of every customer.

Quick services and installation

Instyle does not waste time in responding to our clients. Ron was surprised how fast a solar installation could be!  We carry out the diligent and quick installation of solar systems to every client. We are also always available whenever your solar system develops a fault – though this should be rare with our products. 

But whatever happens, you can be sure to receive the fastest response you’ve ever received from a company.

Expert recommendation 

Instyle also goes through the trouble of finding and recommending several experts for your power to ensure you get a worthy return on your investment. 

Ron was able to get the best power provider, thanks to the well-thought-out recommendation from Instyle. You will also enjoy these benefits if you know the right way to join the game.

Ron enjoyed these services and ongoing support, so rest assured that he’s now living comfortably with solar energy. 

You also deserve Ron’s comfort and peace of mind, so don’t hesitate to get the appropriate solar system.


A solar system can help you reduce your electricity bill by $2,500 every year. And you can also sell excess power to the grid. All through your solar journey, Instyle gives you the most comfortable experience with our knowledgeable team and full-time support. 

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