Monocrystalline vs polycrystalline panels

“The mono versus poly debate now this has been one that’s changed dramatically over the last five years especially in the Australia solar market place now the reason is let’s say five years ago the polycrystalline or monocrystalline panels as some people would call them were handling temperature conditions better so what that means is that you know four or five years ago the technology was still getting better and people were increasing on it so if you were hitting say over 25degrees celsius on a mono panel five years ago you would have been losing probably up to 40 of your actual panel efficiency whereas now in today’s market they can handle up to 40 degrees just like a poly so five years ago poly made a lot more sense because of the heat temperature losses overall performance losses issues that you had with monos mono is a more efficient cell now they’re about par on par so poly has gotten more efficient over the last five years and has always had good temperature losses and now mono’s the same efficiency can be a little bit better but doesn’t have the same temperature losses so there is still and there always will be a debate about what’s actually going to produce more from our experience they produce relatively the same but they are totally different type of technology”