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Michael saves over $3,900 a year with his Nectr system.

Michael, a Townsville resident, saves more than $3,900 annually with his 10.8kW system from Nectr. The system supplies his entire house with adequate energy. He even has a blacked-out media room filled with over $7,000 worth of LED lighting on the roof.

Initially, he had doubts whether he could afford solar. However, he realised it was possible on comparing his $300 to $400 monthly electric bill to potential savings. Our experts visited his home to check his energy consumption before recommending a system that meets all his needs.

You, too, can make your home eco-friendly while saving several thousands of dollars a year. 

In this post, I will look at:

  • 10kW solar system and how much it can help you save
  • Qualities to consider from a reliable solar company

Let’s dive in!

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Why a 10kW solar system?

A 10kW solar system is among the largest solar PV systems available for domestic use. It is ideal for large houses, mainly with home offices. Thanks to tremendous cost reductions, solar energy systems are now cheaper than ever before.

In solar, one of the most challenging concepts to grasp is system size. With the advancement of technology and continuing expansion, more extensive systems are becoming available in residential settings.

Check out our guide on how to choose your solar system size.

How much does a 10kW solar power system cost?

An excellent quality 10kW solar system costs between $9,900 and $14,300. You don’t need to spend the most money to get outstanding outcomes but stay within this price range. When picking the best system for you, keep in mind that pricing is a good quality indicator. 

When it comes to the future, you should also think about warranty support. Things can go wrong, so a guarantee is essential. Every 10kW solar system we offer at Nectr includes both, ensuring that your investment is protected for years to come.

How many solar panels do you need?

A solar system with a capacity of 10 kW is made up of 30 to 40 solar panels. You’ll need about 50 to 65 square metres of roof space to sustain them because they’re 1.6m x 1m in size.

For residential installations, solar panels come in sizes ranging from 300 watts to 400 watts per panel.

For example, when using a 370w solar panel, you will achieve a 10.5kW system. If you remove two panels from a total of 35, you get a 9.9kW solar system.

How much power does a 10kW solar system generate?

A 10kW solar system with 37 panels will produce 42kWh per day on average in Australia. However, the value varies on site-specific variables like the location of the panels and the pitch of your roof.

Solar creates electricity during the day, which your home consumes first. Your system sends back extra power into the grid, and you will receive a feed-in tariff.

Use as much solar as possible to balance your high usage tariff on your power account to save the most money. You may achieve this by turning high-ticket equipment like pools and washing machines on throughout the day.

How much can you save with a 10kW solar system?

You’ll save $400 to $700 every billing cycle if you use most, if not all, of the solar electricity your 10kW solar system provides. 10kW of solar is a suitable alternative for generating enough power to reduce your electricity cost significantly.

It’s also probable that your next car will be an electric or plug-in hybrid, which means you’ll have to use the grid to charge it. Installing a solar system large enough to meet your present and future demands is an ideal alternative.

How long before a 10kW solar system pays for itself?

A 10kW solar system has an average payback period of 3 to 5 years. However, you’ll begin saving when your system starts generating energy, so the actual savings start as soon as your system is installed.

Qualities of a reliable solar company

Going solar helps preserve the environment and saves you money, among other advantages. It is an investment, and you want to be sure you’re working with the best solar company possible.

Here are several traits to look for while searching for the ideal solar provider to help you get started.

1. Use high-quality equipment

Using quality equipment is a good sign that a company executes effective installation and has knowledge of the subject. The solar panel supplier should give an assessment and recommendations for the best solar panels for your home.

It’s vital to remember that the quality of the items you’re installing is just as important as the quality of the labour you’re getting. When comparing them, check to see if prospective solar power companies will give a free site evaluation.

In addition to the solar panels, check to determine if the provider employs long-lasting roofing and installation materials. It is an important consideration when laying a solid foundation for your solar panels.

2. Experience

An effective solar firm should have a lot of expertise in the field. As a result, consider the number of years they have been in business before making a decision.

Look into the number of previous pleased clientele with whom they have worked. 

An experienced firm:

  • Understands how to engage with consumers
  • Has the most outstanding team for installing solar systems
  • Can provide you with advice on solar energy

3. Affordability

You should seek an experienced firm with your area’s payment and reimbursement alternatives, like green energy loans or tax breaks. 

When adopting solar, there are several ways to save money, and you want to work with a business that assists you to take advantage of those options.

Going solar is an investment, but there are several methods to reduce the cost of solar panel installation without losing quality. You should look for a provider that provides affordable pricing matching your budget.

4. Good reputation

Checking evaluations on a solar company’s official website and other social media platforms might help you predict their reputation. If they have a lot of bad feedback from customers, they aren’t worth dealing with.

A solar firm may be economical, but it will be difficult to grow if they have a negative image. The way a solar firm runs its business and interacts with its consumers determines how good it is. The internet is the finest tool for deciding whether or not a firm is reputable.

5. Certification

Check credentials to distinguish authentic solar panel installers from imposters. A solar firm should have general contracting, electrician, and home improvement licenses. It’s critical to have the proper credentials for such a significant home update.

Working with certified firms ensures that your solar panels are installed with the highest quality artistry available.

Additionally, it’s tempting to assume that the labour you employ already has those certificates. However, you should double-check the solar firm’s employees’ documents to avoid any installation issues.

6. Excellent customer service

You will be inconvenienced if a solar firm has a poor customer service system. You may attain convenience, reliability, and many other benefits with a reliable customer service strategy. As a result, ensure you check out the customer service system of the firm before doing business with them.

An excellent solar firm should have a good and functioning customer service plan. You need to engage with a firm that will respond quickly to your calls, texts, or emails. There are occasions when you require the services of a solar panel installer right away.


If you consume a lot of power and spend $400 or more every quarter, 10kW of solar is a viable substitute for you. It will generate enough energy to decrease your electricity cost.

However, the efficiency of your system will rely on the reliability of the company you choose for the installation. A good company offers professional services through certified experts.

Reach out to us at Nectr for worthwhile site analysis and solar systems installation.

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