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Nectr Brisbane

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Nectr services Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and into Northern New South Wales from our head office, just north of Brisbane. We also service the Toowoomba region in the west and more recently have expanded to Townsville to service the North Queensland region.

New South Wales

Our presence in New South Wales has expanded rapidly since we first launched there in 2018. From our second main office located in Revesby, we service Greater Sydney, the Central Coast, Blue Mountains and the South Coast region.

Northern Territory

Unfortunately, we don’t currently service the Northern Territory, but please check back soon because we are one of Australia’s fastest-growing solar companies.

Australian Capital Territory

Unfortunately, we don’t currently service the Australian Capital Territory, but please check back soon because we are one of Australia’s fastest-growing solar companies.

South Australia

Since late 2019, we’ve been servicing the Adelaide region, and we’re growing quickly. Our goal is to service regional South Australia very soon too.

Western Australia

We’re growing quickly and hope to have an office in Perth in the future. Please check back soon because we are one of Australia’s fastest-growing solar companies.


Victoria is our most recent expansion, and since mid 2020 we’ve been servicing all Melbourne regions from our Bentleigh East office, with plans to expand further into regional areas in 2021.


Unfortunately, we don’t currently service Tasmania, but please check back soon because we are one of Australia’s fastest-growing solar companies.

What is the STC Scheme? Am I eligible to receive it?

The Australian Small Scale Technology Certificates program is a federal government initiative to assist homeowners in reducing the upfront cost of installing solar power as well as kickstart the renewable energy sector. It’s sometimes referred to as a ‘Solar Rebate’ but it is not a rebate in the traditional sense. When a solar system is installed, it generates a number of STC’s (Small Scale Technology Certificates). These certificates represent the positive environmental impact of using solar energy over carbon-emitting fuel sources such as gas and coal. They have a monetary value and are traded on an open market. Companies who are aiming to reduce their environmental impact purchase these certificates from installers therefore partially funding the solar installation. Installers then pass this onto homeowners by lowering their system prices.

How much will solar save me on electricity costs?

There is no way to give exact savings figures without conducting an in-home consultation with one of our trained solar experts, who can look at your existing electricity usage, roof layout and more. You can, however, get an estimate by clicking here and completing our savings calculator.

How much will a solar system cost?

To provide an exact quote, we suggest conducting an in-home consultation. However, as a CEC accredited Installer and retailer, Nectr makes sure to price our systems within the CEC price guideline.

Will I earn money by sending power to the grid?

Using your solar power in the home is the best way to maximise potential savings. If that’s not an option, your solar energy will be exported to the grid. Your energy provider will then pay you for this electricity. The amount you are paid is called the FiT or Feed-In Tariff. Each energy provider offers a different tariff amount, so it is worth shopping around.

How will solar help the environment?

Solar power is most definitely a cleaner and more sustainable energy source when compared to the CO2 output of traditional fossil fuels, gas and coal. While there is a ‘carbon cost’ associated with producing the panels themselves, this is paid off within two years on average.

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