The Huawei FusionSolar Cloud & App

Published: 26 August 2021

The FusionSolar Smart PV Management System monitors Huawei inverters in real time, and it works with solar power systems of all sizes – residential, commercial, industrial and utility-scale.

The platform includes a web dashboard that can be accessed from computers, and the Huawei FusionSolar app for smartphones, compatible with Android and iOS.

Using the Smart PV Management System, you can visualize how electricity is being generated and used. The solar performance metrics you can view include power output (kW), daily energy production (kWh), savings and income ($), and lifetime energy production.

The platform can detect and identify any device connected to a solar power system, and it auto-maps individual panels within 5 seconds. The system can also generate automatic reports and analytics, including I-V power curves, and it can diagnose a 100-megawatt solar array in only 15 minutes.

  • Huawei FusionSolar combines all aspects of solar plant management in a single app, and it can be used to keep track of multiple sites and personnel.
  • If any issues that need attention are detected, tickets can be generated and dispatched with a single click.

FusionSolar Smart PV Management System – Main Features

The following table summarises all the features offered by the Smart PV Management System, in both the web interface and the mobile app:

FusionSolar FeaturesWeb InterfaceMobile App
List of PV plants
Add new plant  to the system
Solar plant reports
Inverter reports
Battery reports
Device details
Remote parameter setting
Remote optimiser search
Real-time status
Alarm management
Task management
Smart I-V curve diagnosis
KPI dashboard
Energy flow
Energy management
Plant layout
Kiosk mode
Plant management
Company management
Demo site

The Smart PV Management System can monitor solar power systems at the individual module level. When there is an issue that needs to be solved, the system can identify exactly which solar panels are being affected. Thanks to this feature, solar plant maintenance becomes much easier – no time is wasted inspecting and diagnosing issues, and technicians know exactly what to do before they start working.

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