Sungrow Inverters: SH3K6/SH4K6, SH5K-20

Published: 5 February 2019

Sungrow offers a range of hybrid inverters for the residential PV market, let’s take a closer look.

Sungrow Inverters

Sungrow Power Supply Corporation is an international enterprise based in China that specialises in research and development, sales, and manufacturing of energy power supply products for the solar and wind energy industry. There is a range of Sungrow inverters available, amongst their wider product range.

The company has deployed over 68GW in inverter capacity worldwide and is within the top 5 power supply companies in the world with over 20 years of experience. 

As they are one of the top players in the inverter industry, we want to take a look at their best products, and check their specs, features and models to give you an insight into the solutions that you can apply to your PV array. Let’s find out!

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Hybrid Sungrow Inverters

Sungrow offers hybrid inverters for the residential PV market. 

These devices are designed to be connected to the solar array and to charge lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries using solar energy, while being connected to the power grid. 

They are intelligent devices that are able to perform the work of a grid-tied inverter and a battery-based inverter at the same time.

Moreover, innovative hybrid inverters from Sungrow are integrated with an energy management system (EMS) technology that works in self-consumption by default. 

They also include battery usage strategies and even have automation configurations for smart homes. 

They are ready for energy trading with the grid, optimised with EMS technology that can be easily monitored using your smartphone.

Sungrow has two different models available for these products. The SH3K6/SH4K6 series or the SH5K-20 model.

SH3K6/SH4K6 Series

Sungrow inverter SH3K6/SH4K6 Series

The SH3K6/SH4K6 series are 50 Hz hybrid inverters with a maximum PV array power input of 6.5 kW, and a maximum input voltage of 600VDC

Each hybrid inverter has two MPPT inputs for maximum power point tracking and a maximum PV input current of 22A (11A for each MPPT input). 

As we mentioned, the hybrid inverter is connected to the power grid and can use energy from that source to charge the batteries or supply the loads directly. 

The maximum AC input power that it can draw from the grid is 3kW which has a maximum AC power output of 3680 W (SH3K6) or 4600 W (SH4K6) while being connected to 230VAC.

The hybrid inverter has an AC short circuit protection, anti-islanding and leakage current protections as well. 

It also includes a DC fuse for the battery and a DC switch to the solar array. The inverter also has a 97% efficiency.

Finally, the inverter has a nominal voltage for charging batteries at 48V which makes it suitable for integration with the LG Chem RESU 48 V series batteries (RESU 3.3, RESU 6.6 and RESU 10).

Some of the amazing features of these inverters are:

  • Power derating: Protects the inverter from overload or potential faults on the grid. Power derating also applies for conditions likes over-temperature, under-voltage, and power factors that are located outside of boundaries.
  • Reactive power regulation: The inverter can operate in reactive power regulation modes to provide support to the grid. Very interesting for commercial applications that could participate in electricity markets as part of the ancillary services.
  • Active power response: Variations in output and input power from the inverter according to increases or decreases in grid frequency.

Sungrow SH5K-20 Inverter

Sungrow SH5K-20 Inverter

The SH5K-20 model is another hybrid inverter with very similar functions to the SH3K6/SH4K6 series. 

Maximum PV input power and voltage are equal, it has two MPPT inputs, works at 50Hz, has a nominal AC voltage of 230VAC and the same maximum AC input power. 

There are four main differences when compared to the previous models. 

The first is that the system has a nominal AC output power of 4990 W or 5kVA. 

The second is that this hybrid inverter (for some reason) does not include the DC switch for solar as its predecessor. 

The third is that efficiency is increased to almost 98%. 

And finally, perhaps the most important difference is that the SH5K-20 hybrid inverter can provide backup power under circumstances where the grid is not available.

Previous models were not able to provide backup power. 

If a blackout occurs in your region, the SH3K6 or SH4K6 hybrid inverters would shut down as well. 

However, by including the backup box STB5K-20 (also called Power Cube) and connecting it to the hybrid inverter you are able to keep operating the system off-grid until the power from the grid is restored. 

An alternative that we do not see very often is that there is a button to allow the customer a choice to work either off-grid or grid-tied.

SH5K-20 PV Energy Storage System Solution

SH5K-20 PV Energy Storage System Solution


We have examined some of the amazing features from Sungrow hybrid inverters for the residential market. 

As one of the top brands in the world to choose from, the models SH3K6 and SH4K6 offer valuable solutions that we can use in our PV systems to increase our self-consumption and optimise our energy management. 

Meanwhile, the SH5K-20 offers the same quality features, but with an additional and important feature; providing backup power as well. 

Choose the inverter that best fits your needs and choose a compatible, highly efficient lithium-ion battery such as LG Chem RESU 48V series models to have a complete PV energy storage solution.

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