Product review: SolarEdge electric vehicle inverter

Published: 4 February 2019

Want to learn more about SolarEdge’s Electric Vehicle Inverter, check out our comprehensive product review.

SolarEdge offers a revolutionary inverter that combines solar and grid energy to charge Electric Vehicles in a single all-in-one solution from the brand. 

SolarEdge is a recognised brand in the solar industry as one of the main promoters of DC power optimisers for PV systems. The brand has also evolved to offer inverter solutions that can be coupled with DC optimisers and coupled with the SolarEdge StorEdge solution to provide energy storage systems to households across the world.

SolarEdge Electric Vehicle Inverter

Having an already established market in the PV industry, last year SolarEdge also decided to dabble in a new and unexplored sector: the Electric Vehicle (EV) market.

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing features of this product.

1. Easy installation

Choosing an EV is an amazing and futuristic decision. 

Soon the world will have finally migrated from a fossil-fuel based industry to a fully sustainable and clean energy solution for the transport sector. 

However, besides purchasing an electric vehicle, you also need to install an EV charger in your home. ANd having the write electric vehicle inverter is an equally important choice. 

If you have decided to go solar as well, you would have traditionally needed to install an inverter and the EV charger as separate systems, which increases costs, labor, wiring, and probably requires an upgrade to your AC panelboard system.

The SolarEdge HD-Wave Inverter EV solution changes that. 

This device will combine those two components (inverter and EV charger) into a single product that is able to use both the power from the grid and solar energy from your modules to charge your EV.

Moreover, the installation process is very easy. 

All the settings can be done by simply accessing your SolarEdge account where you will be able to see your solar power and set your EV into either stand-by or charging mode. 

The inverter will also be coupled with a cable holder to place your charge cable on rest mode (just as you would do in a gas station).

Something that could be annoying with an electric vehicle is that it needs to be charged every day. 

A great feature available with SolarEdge can be found in the smartphone application. 

The app will allow you to set schedules during the day to charge your EV automatically while using power from the grid if it’s late night or a combination of solar and grid during the day.

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2. Higher charging speed

According to SolarEdge, one of the greatest advantages is that this EV charger comes with a boost charging speed that other products in the market cannot offer.

Typical EV chargers are able to charge your electric car at 1.44 kW (12A@120V). 

This can be translated into 5 miles (8 km) obtained for your EV with 1 hour of charge. 

Assuming a regular distance of 29 miles (46 km) per day, your EV charger would normally require 6.5 hours to completely charge your electric car.

On the other hand, the SolarEdge EV charger uses a Solar Boost mode that combines the power from the grid with solar power that provides a maximum charge of 9.6 kW (40A @ 240VAC). 

This translates into 25 to 30 miles that your EV could travel with only 1 to 1.5 hours of charge time (depending on your PV production)!

3. SolarEdge electric vehicle inverter: The specs

The brand offers several power sizes for the EV and PV markets. 

There are mainly four models that can be purchased which vary in function of the rated AC power output according to the following options: 3.8 kVA, 5 kVA, 6 kVA and 7.6 kVA.

Moreover, the nominal AC frequency is 60 Hz and the PV power that can be injected into the single-phase and grid-tied inverter ranges from 5.9kW to 11.8 kW. 

The inverter already includes the Rapid Shutdown requirement of the National Electrical Code 2017 in the US.

The EV charger weighs around 12 kg and does not include the EV cable charger in the purchase. 

Warranty and availability

The brand offers a 12-year period warranty for the product that could be extended to 20 years, although that will depend on the type of inverter. For more details you could check with SolarEdge.

The SolarEdge EV charger is currently available only in Europe and the US since these are two of the most increasing and developed markets for EVs, but it’s expected to be available in other countries as well, soon.


SolarEdge has offered an innovative and unique product in the market that offers simplicity, reliability and convenience to the future and imminent EV world! 

By simply using your smartphone you can easily enter into your SolarEdge account to watch how much energy you are obtaining from your PV array.

You can also watch how much energy you are consuming from the grid to charge your electric car and find out your EV’s daily energy consumption. 

Finally, to make your life easier, with SolarEdge you can establish schedules to charge your EV while at the same time contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable world.

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