The Solar Panel Validation Initiative: Meet the Manufacturers [Part 2]

Published: 15 August 2018

From now on, with the solar panel validation initiative, consumers will be able to know if the module installed on the rooftop is the same kind of solar panel that they purchased. All you need to do is choose a solar panel manufacturer approved to work under the Solar Panel Validation Scheme.

In this article, we’re continuing with the list of top approved solar panel validation initiative manufacturers.

We’ve already covered Canadian Solar, Hanwha Q CELLS and JinkoSolar here: The Solar Panel Validation Initiative: Meet the Manufacturers [Part 1]

Here is a good read about how the Solar Panel Validation Initiative works: The New ‘Solar Panel Validation Initiative’ Explained

Here is a list of solar panel manufacturers approved to work under the Solar Panel Validation Scheme:

The next brand to review  is one that certainly shouldn’t be missing from this list.

LG Electronics

Everybody knows LG. 

This South Korean conglomerate has been involved in the electronics industry for over half a century and aims to keep pushing the limits to improve the lives of its customers. 

A company with over $56 billion in sales, 83,000 members and a presence in over 119 countries, just could not be left out of the solar industry.

LG started operations in the solar industry in 1985 by manufacturing solar cells and has since evolved progressively to become a valuable resource for the market.

The company focuses on two main sectors, manufacturing of solar panels and energy storage solutions. 

On the solar panel sector, the most remarkable product is definitely the LG NeON2 with unique features like 12 bus-bars with rounded shapes, high module efficiency (19.2%), anti-LID effect, double-sided cell structure and much more. 

Regarding the energy storage sector, the iconic product is unquestionably the LG Chem Resu.

Opal Solar

This company is a very popular brand in the Australian market that offers both solar panel and storage solutions.

The solar panels are produced in China by a tier 1 manufacturer (called Astronergy) and rebranded to the Australian market as Opal Solar panels.  

The difference between purchasing an Astronergy and an Opal solar panel lies in the warranty claim. 

While the Astronergy warranty claim would be made in China (with all the problems behind that), the Opal’s warranty claim can be done here on Aussie territory to the main distributor which is Solar Juice (located in Sydney).

Among the best options in solar panels from the brand, you may find the QSA 72 Cell 350 -365 and QSA 60 Cell 285-300 as the most attractive products.

A funny fact about Opal Solar is that the company is the major sponsor of the popular Cronulla Sharks from the NRL and they promote their pre-defined PV systems according to the NRL’s players Beau Ryan and Paul Gallen (captain of the Cronulla Sharks). 

So besides obtaining a PV system, you also get a signed jersey, not a bad deal!

Solar savings calculator banner.


Founded in 2008, ReneSola is a global Chinese manufacturer of green energy products with over 40 locations in 16 countries and with a total of 12GW of installations worldwide. 

The company does offer solar panels, but LED lighting products, energy storage systems, inverters, solar racking systems, and even PV wires also form part of their product base. 

Truly a complete company dedicated to the solar industry.

Regarding solar panels, there is a wide range of available products supporting polycrystalline and monocrystalline technologies as well as half cells and double glass solar panels along with featured solar panels like the Virtus II

Trina Solar

Another huge Chinese manufacturer of solar panels founded in 1997 and with over 15,000 employees. 

The solar panel giant focuses on delivering high-quality PV products to the industry and has been able to ship over 32 GW in solar panels since its foundation. 

This experience has allowed them to become a tier 1 solar panel manufacturer with an amazing financial background

Innovation is a word that represents this company since it is the global leader in IBC cell technology and has over 18 world records from their State Key Laboratory of PV Science and Technology.  

Iconic products from this brand are the Dual Glass DuoMax Series, established as one of the most durable solar panels in the world with a 30-year linear performance warranty (5 years above typical modules), and the Tall Max Monocrystalline module.


Based in Taiwan and established in 2003, this company is a manufacturer, distributor, and maintenance provider of semiconductor materials and PV systems with main branch offices in Singapore, Australia, Germany, the US and more.

Winaico works with PERC technology and efficiency values up to 18.9% in both monocrystalline and polycrystalline technologies with certified endurance against ammonia, hail, salt spray, and PID effects.

Yingli Solar

Last but not least, Yingli Solar is another Chinese company founded in 1987. 

This vertically integrated company produces ingots/wafers, solar cells and assembles its own solar panels. Around 85 million solar panels have been produced in their facilities, representing around 20 GW in PV installations in countries like Japan, Brazil, the US, Australia and more. 

An interesting fact about this company is that the solar panels installed for the Maracaná Stadium in Brazil during the World Cup were Yingli Solar panels.

The Chinese brand offers interesting monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels like the  Multi-Busbar series, the HSF smart series or the Panda Bifacial models.


As you can see all of these brands are certified and recognized solar panel manufacturers around the world, with multiple sales and installations that guarantee an optimal performance based on their specs. 

The Clean Energy Council has only selected those brands that comply with the strictest levels of quality criteria and with a solid financing background to ensure the warranty of Australian customers. 

By choosing one of the approved solar panel validation initiative manufacturers, you can be sure that your PV system will perform as it should and that no dishonest solar installer will ever play a trick on you!

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