SMA launches new inverter Sunny Tripower in Australia

Published: 14 November 2018

AMA launches its new Sunny Tripower 5000-12000 TL inverter as the new three-phase inverter solution for Australia.

The German brand SMA has announced the release of their new Sunny Tripower 3.0-6.0 Inverter onto the Australian market. 

SMA is looking forward to keeping their footprint established in Australia as one of their most developed and interesting PV markets around the world.

SMA Sunny Tripower Inverter

The German brand has over 20 years of presence in Australia and has presented multiple products and solutions that have increased the power capacities of PV systems here.

To keep innovating, SMA has developed substitutes of the previous Sunny Tripower 5000-12000 TL versions as the new three-phase inverter solution for Australia.

Sunny Tripower 3.0-6.0: The Big Release

Taking advantage of the All Energy Expo 2018 in Melbourne, SMA showed for the first time the Sunny Tripower 3.0-6.0 Inverter along with the Data Manager M and also the new Sunny Highpower PEAK1 which is a 75 kW string inverter for commercial-scale applications. 

In addition, the attendees to the expo were also able to receive a tour through a Mobile Solar Lab, to experience the SMA training program for installers.

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Here is How Sunny Tripower Works With Tigo TS4-R Optimisers

The Sunny Tripower optimises space and installation times. 

Compared with previous versions of Tripower, the new product offers a compact design and a low weight of only 17 kg, with a 100% plug and play installation that can be easily commissioned with a smartphone or tablet. 

As a remarkable property of the SMA products, the Sunny Tripower incorporates the SMA OptiTrack Global Peak feature but is the first SMA product to include a Smart Connected feature directly integrated for communication with TS4-R module optimizers from Tigo which reduces costs and installation times. 

This makes SMA perhaps one of the best solutions against shading for a central inverter configuration, allowing maximum energy yields and performance under complex roof scenarios.

Thanks to the Smart Connected feature, the installer instantly receives information about the inverter operation and provides solutions to the installer in order to optimise the performance of the PV system. 

If a fault is detected, the installer receives an email with all the specs and even the location of the fault, which allows reduced troubleshooting times and costs. 

While the TS4-R allows energy yields to be maximised on a module level, it is also possible to monitor the performance of the system at module level from the Sunny Portal.

Another interesting aspect about the product is that power sizes have been reduced when compared to previous Sunny Tripower versions 5000TL-12000TL that ranged from 5000 W to 12000 W AC power output. 

This allows smaller three-phase systems to be included for residential sectors and offers a wider maneuverability for solar designers with more options to size the PV system according to the needs of the client.

The Specs

The Sunny Tripower version is a transformerless inverter (no galvanic isolation) that includes four different models with different AC power outputs: 3000 W, 4000 W, 5000 W, and 6000 W. 

Moreover, the minimum MPP voltage is 140 V (3.0 model) and goes up to 800 V (all models) which allows the setting of long PV strings, very useful for commercial applications. 

All models include two MPP trackers, work with both international frequencies (50Hz and 60 Hz), and can work under multiple nominal voltages: 220 V/380 V – 230 V/ 400 V – 240 V/ 415 V. 

Efficiency levels are also very high, reaching 98.2%, and dimensions are 435 mm / 470 mm / 176 mm. 

When compared with previous Sunny Tripower 5000TL and 6000 TL versions where dimensions were 470 mm/ 730 mm/ 240 mm, size reduction can be easily visible.

All models include wall mounting bracket, positive and negative DC connectors, AC connector, WLAN antenna and sealing plugs. To see the process of installation click here.


With sales over €900 million, SMA is a global leader that acts as an inverter supplier for all sectors: residential, commercial and utility-scale projects. 

Key marketing and development strategies of the company have pointed to Australia as one of the most important PV markets for the German brand, not only due to the number of installations, but also due to the ease of commissioning and planning of small, medium and large-scale PV projects. 

Also, in their allegiance with Tigo Energy to facilitate the introduction of the MLPE in the international market, SMA has developed a three-phase grid-tied inverter that has the ability to directly connect with the features of the DC optimizers through a Smart Connected feature symbolised by the RS485 terminal. 

This allows for easier and more effective monitoring and installation of the MLPE technology in any PV system with a simple configuration for the residential sector.  

Since it is a new product feature that also counts with remarkable SMA functionalities like SMA OptiTrack Global Peak, it is likely that the Sunny Tripower will become the best solution against shading from the German brand, SMA. 

The Australian PV market will certainly be interested in this new toy from SMA!

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