SMA Inverters: Sunny Boy, Sunny Island, Sunny Tripower & Sunny High Power Peak

Published: 15 January 2019

SMA, a leading company in the solar industry, offers a range of inverter products, including one of the most remarkable, reliable and high-quality inverters in the market.

SMA is a leading German company in the solar industry that offers one of the most remarkable, reliable and high-quality inverters in the market. 

Headquartered in Hesse, Germany, SMA has almost 40 years of experience and has over 900 million euros in sales with a presence in 20 countries.

The company has received awards every year since 2006 with multiple prices for its performance and top quality designs.

Among the most recent ones, we can point out the smarter E Award 2018 for its ennexOS design and the Electrical Energy Storage Award 2018 for the Sunny Central Storage. 

Moreover, in 2017, SMA received the Intersolar award 2017 for the SMA Sunny Tripower and in 2016 received the Electrical Energy Storage Award for the Sunny Boy Storage solution.

As you can see, it is a remarkable brand with a well-established name in the market. 

In this article, we will cover the most important products of the brand to give an insight into the available options for the inverter market.

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1. Sunny Boy 

The Sunny Boy inverter is the comfortable solution of the brand for the residential market. 

A grid-tied inverter that offers a light (it has a low weight of 16 kg) and simple installation through a smartphone thanks to the SMA Smart Connected feature, it can easily be monitored via the internet.

The model has several sized options such as 3 kW, 3.6 kW, 4 kW, and 5 kW and can be installed in PV systems up to 600 V. 

Nominal voltage values range between 220 V, 230 V and 240 V and can be coupled with both international grid frequencies (50 Hz and 60 Hz).

Finally, this inverter can be coupled with the Sunny Boy Storage solution of the brand for grid-tied with battery backup systems and can also be coupled with the Sunny Island battery-based inverter to install an AC coupled solution.

2. Sunny Island

The traditional battery-based solution of SMA. 

Suitable for off-grid environments and the grid-tied with battery backup systems. 

As with other models from the brand, this inverter can be synchronised and installed using a simple smartphone and WLAN connection. 

The Sunny Island can be configured for three-phase installations (requiring three inverters), synchronised with 3 Sunny Boy inverters to offer an outstanding AC coupled solution. 

Moreover, it can be used to power all types of lead-acid batteries, whether they are vented regulated or flooded lead acid, powering battery banks from 100 Ah to 10,000 Ah. 

Lithium-ion batteries can also be coupled with the inverter from 50 Ah to 10,000 Ah. 

The storage devices must have a nominal voltage of 48 V to be coupled with the Sunny Island and the power outputs of the inverter range from 4.4 kW to 8 kW. 

Definitely an interesting solution for the residential and commercial market.

3. SMA Inverter Sunny Tripower

The logical choice for all three-phase PV system installations in the market. 

The Sunny Tripower offers optimised space and times of installations; amazingly, the inverter’s weight is only 17 kg even though it needs to work with three-phases. 

Moreover, the product includes the SMA OptiTrac Global Peak feature that allows optimising the performance of the inverter under partial shading conditions. 

Besides, its Smart Connected feature not only allows fast installation times, it also allows direct communication with the TS4-R module optimizers from Tigo.

Power output options range from 3kW to 6 kW and the inverter has 2 maximum power point trackers to locate the maximum point of power in the array, each of them incorporating the SMA OptiTrac Global Peak feature. 

At the same time, it can be configured to 50 Hz or 60 Hz frequencies and nominal voltages such as 220 V/380V – 230 V/ 400 V and 240 V/415 V.

This product has been recently released in Australia and is perhaps the best option in the grid-tied market for three-phase installations. 

Ideal for large households or small commercial systems.

4. SMA Inverter Sunny High Power Peak

The Sunny High Power Peak is also one of the most recent innovations of the brand here in Australia. 

It is intended for the large-scale commercial or utility-scale markets with two possible power outputs: 75 kW (High Power Peak 1) and 150 kW (High Power Peak 3).

The High Power Peak 1 can be synchronised with up to 42 inverters (reaching a top capacity of 3.15 MW). 

Meanwhile, the High Power Peak 3 is a solution that can be coupled with up to 200 SMA inverters at a time with a central Data Manager offering unmatched quality and performance for the utility market. 

Besides, it is the only inverter in the brand that counts with the new energy management system called ennexOS which made SMA the 2018 winner in smart energy technology.


SMA offers a wide range of options for the PV market, not only with solutions limited to the grid-tied market but also providing systems for off-grid and hybrid environments. 

As one of the highest quality inverter brands in the world, there is no doubt that if you opt for an SMA inverter, you are choosing performance, durability and top quality design.

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