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Published: 19 July 2021

If you want to get the best results with solar power, the first step should be a professional solar assessment of your property.

Solar power has been successful around the world, in great part because photovoltaic technology is powerful but simple. Solar panels can be used in almost any roof with decent sunshine, and you only need to calculate the right number of panels according to energy needs. Solar panels are also durable, lasting for over 25 years while having simple maintenance needs. However, if you want to get the best results with solar power, the first step should be a professional solar assessment of your property.

There are plenty of solar brands in the market, and also many installers offering their services. Unfortunately, this also means there are low quality products and providers with questionable procedures. Ideally, you should get a solar quote that considers your energy consumption habits and the physical features of your property. Completing all paperwork and permitting correctly is also important, to avoid connection delays.

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The dangers of quick solar quotes without home assessments

When a home solar system is not sized and designed properly, there are many things that can go wrong. The following are some issues you can have after accepting a quick solar quote that does not consider the needs of your property:

  • Getting a solar power system that is too small or too large: An undersized system only reduces your power bills slightly, while an oversized system represents a waste of money – you will generate a lot of surplus electricity that gets exported to the local grid at low price.
  • Getting an unprofessional installation: When solar products are installed incorrectly, there is a much higher risk of electrical issues and their warranties are voided. You will miss the solar rebate from the Australian government if the project was not completed by CEC Accredited Installers and Designers.
  • Reduced energy generation due to shading issues: Solar panels should be installed in unshaded areas to achieve maximum electricity production. If you don’t get a professional solar assessment, the panels may end up in shaded parts of your roof, which will greatly reduce their productivity.
  • Higher risk of electrical faults and fire: Electricity is very dangerous when not handled correctly, even when it comes from clean energy sources. Low-quality solar products and unprofessional installations come with a high risk of electrical faults and fire, threatening your property.
  • Permitting and connection delays: When a solar installation is not handled by qualified professionals, the permitting and connection process is often delayed. You may end up in a situation where your solar panels are already paid and installed, but you cannot connect them yet.

Quick solar quotes that skip the home assessment can be tempting, especially when their price is low. However, their long term issues and risks outweigh any initial savings by far. On the other hand, a professional solar installation is accurately sized for your electricity consumption, while being safe and eligible for incentive programs.

The importance of a home solar assessment

Before you can get a professional quote, a solar provider must know two important things: your energy consumption habits and your roof conditions. When working with a qualified provider like Nectr, your rooftop and power bills are analysed carefully before starting the solar design:

  • After a roof inspection, solar designers can determine the optimal panel layout and racking system configuration. Electricity generation is increased by avoiding shadows, and the panels are firmly attached to your roof structure.
  • After a careful analysis of your power bills, solar designers can calculate the optimal system capacity in kilowatts, which determines how many solar panels are needed. Your energy consumption habits also determine when it makes sense to add solar batteries, and of what capacity.

With the information gathered in a home assessment, your solar provider can design a system that meets the needs of your property. They can also check your roof structure and electrical wiring, and determine if any repairs or changes are necessary. A professional solar assessment ensures that solar generation meets your consumption habits, and you will get a quicker payback period and a higher return on investment.

Some solar providers work with generic designs, which don’t consider the unique needs of each property. While some homeowners may have good results with them, others may get low savings or frequent technical issues. By working with a qualified provider like Nectr, you can avoid unnecessary risks while increasing your power bill savings. Also consider that solar panels last for a very long time, and you will want to work with a provider that offers great customer service and technical support.

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