If you’re looking to upgrade your home with the next generation of clean, renewable energy, Enphase has it all!

More importantly, all of this gets integrated into a single, powerful app – The Enphase Enlighten. This app gives you complete control of the system and transparency of your data in the palm of your hand.

With the revolutionary microinverters coupled with Enphase’s smart batteries, you are ready to enter a new era of safe, reliable, and scalable solar power.

This article will tell you more about Enphase, their incredible products, and how you can get your hands on them.

Let’s get started.

Who owns Enphase?

Enphase was founded in 2006 by Raghu Belur and Martin Fornage with the simple goal of transforming how we harness solar energy.

In 2008, Enphase installed the first revolutionary microinverter-based solar system that they pioneered. And within 3 years, they managed to sell over a million more microinverters all over the world.

Today, Enphase has shipped more than 39 million microinverters to all parts of the world, and provides solar-powered energy solutions to their consumers, making it an industry leader in everything solar.

Where are Enphase products manufactured?

Enphase designs the products themselves in the USA but outsources the manufacturing to different 3rd party manufacturing firms.

The microinverters are designed by Enphase’s R&D engineers in California. But their assembly takes place in China. Nonetheless, these microinverters are ARRA compliant.

The rest of their products are outsourced to various companies. For instance:

Does Enphase make solar panels?

While Enphase currently does not manufacture its own solar panels – or modules, as they are called – it partners with various suppliers that produce these modules already coupled with the microinverter into one single, 6th generation unit.

For more help picking out the right module for your needs, you can contact Nectr.

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Is Enphase a good company?

Enphase is not only the pioneer of microinverter technology but a leader in renewable home energy solutions.

Clean Energy Reviews describes Enphase as “the best microinverter supplier on the market,” and further states that this was made possible because of Enphase’s:

  • solid track record, 
  • low failure rate, 
  • high quality, 
  • advanced system monitoring and 
  • very good service

On SolarReviews, Enphase has a rating of 4.24/5.00 based on 403 reviews, out of which 311 users gave Enphase a rating of 5.00/5.00 – that’s over 77% of the total reviews!

Similarly, EnergySage gives Enphase a 3.5-star rating, reflecting the input of 26 users.

With more than 39 million microinverters installed across 1.7 million homes in over 130 countries, it’s easy to see the popularity of Enphase when it comes to microinverter-powered, smart energy solutions.

What products does Enphase sell?

While microinverters are what Enphase is known for, they offer a range of products from modems and cables to accessories and even EV chargers.

By investing in solar energy, you would continue to receive increasing returns for over 30 years. With inflation and the rising cost of power, your savings will be compounded every fiscal year.

1. IQ7X Microinverter


Price: $182.00, comes with a 25-year warranty!

This improved design is the next step in Enphase’s revolutionary microinverter technology. Like other microinverters, it converts the DC into AC, but with an astounding 97.5% CEC efficiency.

This microinverter has been tested for over a million hours, has a class II double-insulating enclosure, and can be remotely updated to optimise it to the changing requirements of the grid.

With its seamless integration into 96-cell modules, Enphase IQ batteries, and the Enlighten app, this microinverter is bringing about a new age of solar energy.

2. IQ Battery


Price: $3000 – 9000, come with a 10-year warranty!

This smart battery is an AC storage unit that gives you safety, reliability, and flexibility unlike any other. Along with your microinverter-coupled modules, these batteries will help you harness clean, scalable solar energy.

Like the microinverters, this battery is easy-to-install and is connected with the Enlighten app for remote accessibility. A very stable LPF (lithium phosphate iron) matrix is used for making the batteries, providing you with the utmost safety.

The modular configuration of this battery allows you to install as many as you want to meet your requirements. Moreover, the battery can be easily coupled with a fuel-powered generator which makes it highly reliable in case of an emergency power outage.

3. IQ System Controller


Price: $1707.00, comes with a 10-year warranty!

This controller automatically detects a power failure and switches your home from the power supply grid to the backup power.

This seamless connection of your home with the solar PV, the IQ batteries, and the grid helps ensure a safe energy transition while taking stress off your mind.

4. IQ Gateway


Price: $518.00, comes with a 5-year warranty!

The IQ gateway helps you manage and maintain your solar system by providing real-time data of solar energy produced.

By providing production metering, monitoring your optimal consumption, and having the capability to integrate with IQ batteries seamlessly, the Enphase IQ Gateway offers you a one-in-all energy management platform.

This gateway offers flexible connectivity with Wi-Fi, cellular, or even Ethernet.

5. Sensibo Air + Room Sensor


Price: $169.00, comes with a 1-year warranty!

This smart A/C controller allows you to take complete control of your air conditioning (modes, LED, fan level, swing, etc.). Sensibo can automatically adjust your solar production as per your A/C consumption.

By optimising your air conditioning settings, you can save even more on electricity bills, thus increasing the returns on your investment in solar energy.

You can set 7-day timers or even a schedule. It can even allow you to set your air conditioner to automatically change its setting, according to the changes in the weather.

Where to buy Enphase products?

Enphase has an online store dedicated to its products.

These five products are only the mere tip of the iceberg. Enphase offers many smart solar solutions for your home that can help you in optimising your power production and consumption to help you save even more energy.

Enphase also partners with various authorised installers like Nectr to help you find the right solar for your needs and help you with the installation.

By streamlining the process, Enphase ensures that our clients can just sit back and relax, as they watch their home get transformed with the next generation of solar energy.

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