My solar system is installed, what’s next?

Published: 23 June 2021

Once your solar system is installed, some paperwork must be submitted to get everything up and running and connected to the grid. This process varies depending on your state so we’ve broken it down.


Most residential solar systems in Australia have a grid-tied connection, which means they operate with the same voltage and frequency as the local power network. This type of connection is very convenient, since home appliances can get power from either your solar panels or the local grid, without using any switches. The grid connection also lets you export any surplus solar generation to the grid, and the corresponding credit is subtracted from your next power bill.

Once your solar system is installed, some paperwork must be submitted to organise this connection to the grid.

This process will vary depending on your state so we have broken it down. Our support team is also on-hand to help you through this and are available for any questions you may have. 


For Queensland solar installations your installer will submit an Electronic Works Request (EWR) through Energex or Ergon, which is then sent to your energy retailer. We will also email this number to you and recommend that you call your retailer and quote the EWR number, just to make sure they have received it and it’s being actioned. 

Note: If you change energy retailers during the installation process, the EWR may be sent by the network to the old retailer on file. We will not be informed of this, unless you flag it with us, and it will impact the set-up of your system. We strongly advise against switching energy retailers until your system is completely up and running, and all required set-up has been completed. 

For Energex customers only You will not receive an EWR if you have previously had solar at your property as your solar metering will already be set up. The only time you would receive one is if you have a hot water timer switch installed and we are required to request the removal of the off peak tariff. Ergon customers get an EWR for all installations regardless.

New South Wales & South Australia

For New South Wales and South Australia residents, we send a Permission to Connect (PTC) letter for NSW or Small Embedded Generator (SEG) for SA and the Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work (CCEW) to you. You are then required to call your retailer to notify that you’ve had solar installed and raise a service request. Unfortunately we (your solar installer) are unable to send any paperwork to your retailer on your behalf and you will be required to do this. The retailer will then liaise directly with you to organise solar metering. If your retailer requires you to complete a Service Work Request form (SWR), we are more than happy to assist you – just let us know.


Unfortunately Victorian solar installs vary a little depending on each of the networks however the good news is, we handle all the paperwork for you. You should be looped into an email that our admin team will send to your retailer to set up your system, and no action should be required of you unless indicated otherwise. 

Western Australia

For Western Australia solar installs, we lodge a connection request through the network and they notify your retailer of the installation. From here, we ask you to call your energy retailer to ensure that they have received it and everything is being arranged as required. 

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