Nectr Partners with Ecologi

Published: 20 January 2022

We’re partnering with Ecologi to plant trees for every kW of solar purchased!

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Ecologi, an organisation that funds carbon offset and tree planting projects around the world. Nectr will plant one tree for every solar kilowatt we install. Thanks to this partnership, our solar power systems will achieve an even greater environmental benefit: 

  • Each kilowatt-hour generated by solar panels replaces one kWh from Australia’s grid, which still gets 62% of its electricity from coal.
  • Now, a tree will be planted for each kilowatt. For example, if a home installs 6.6-kW solar PV systems, Nectr will plant 6 trees.

Ecologi has funded carbon offset and renewable energy projects around the world, and many of these projects are found in developing countries. Anyone can contribute to the program for as little as US$10.50 per month, and 85% of Ecologi’s funds are invested directly in projects. The other 15% is used to keep the program running – outreach, staff, hosting, etc. 

This 85-15 percentage distribution is comparable to how global charity organisations split their costs, and Ecologi publishes quarterly financial reports for transparency. They also publish certificates for all carbon offset purchases that fund projects, and report on the results of tree planting programs – one of their main goals is planting one billion trees.

What projects are being funded by Ecologi?

Ecologi works with local communities for tree planting programs and other carbon offset projects, creating employment in challenged communities. Here are some of their most recent projects:

ProjectSocial and Environmental Benefits
Protecting the Amazon in Peru98,923 hectares of rainforest are preserved, avoiding 659,793 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year.
Clean cookstoves in EritreaPreventing 15.8 gigatonnes of CO2 emissions.
Biodigesters for rural farms in VietnamRenewable fuel for 790,000 persons.
Reforestation in MadagascarMadagascar has lost 90% of its rainforests, and this program is helping the island restore its habitats.
Repairing water boreholes in MalawiClean water for challenged communities.
Landfill gas power in ChileUsing gas from the Santa Marta landfill site to generate electricity.

Projects funded by Ecologi can be found all around the world. The counties where Ecologi has worked also include Indonesia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Kenya, India, Ghana, Thailand, Honduras, Zimbabwe, Papua New Guinea, Guatemala, Uganda, Aruba, Brazil, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Colombia, Uruguay and Haiti.

Ecologi only funds carbon offset projects that meet recognised verification standards such as the Gold Standard, Verified Carbon Standard, CCBS and SDVista. Many of their reforestation efforts are focused on mangrove forests, which have a major environmental benefit – a hectare of mangroves captures 3,082 tonnes of CO2 over a 25-year period, equivalent to 308 kg per tree.

You can check the Nectr profile at the Ecologi official website, where you can view the current status of our tree planting partnership and make additional donations to our forest!

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