Nectr Goes National with Costco Solar Partnership

Published: 31 August 2020

Leading residential solar provider Nectr has announced that its solar panels will be available to purchase in-store at Costcos nationally.


Nectr Goes National with Costco Solar Partnership

Leading residential solar provider Nectr has announced that its solar panels will be available to purchase in-store at Costcos nationally. Customers can now purchase an Nectr package in-store.

The move to a retail environment sees Nectr heralded as the first solar provider in Australia to enable the purchase and installation of solar panels from an in-store experience with the retailer Costco.

Nectr will have a retail presence in:

Nectr’s CEO Karl Brown made a statement saying:

“As solar power becomes increasingly popular as a safe and renewable energy source, moving Nectr to a retail space was the next step for the brand to make their products more accessible to local customers.”

“We are proud to announce this exciting partnership with national Costco wholesale corporation to help more Australians reap solar energy’s environmental and financial benefits,” says Mr. Brown.

“This is the next step in the Australia-wide launch of our products in Costco solar-related stores. People are becoming more and more interested in solar power now.

“Already available in all NSW, QLD, and Costco solar-related Perth Airport locations, we look forward to when our products are soon available in-store at all Costco warehouses across the nation.”

With a booth containing top-level information about the business and the award-winning product range, customers will have first-hand access to the offering and the option to chat with the company’s representative to design their personalized system and arrange installation.

A sales representative will be available to provide advice and information on solar energy products. This way, shopping for solar in Costco stores will become much more feasible.

After gaining the title of Australia’s third fastest-growing company in 2020, Mr. Brown said the bona fide retail offering was a major contributor of exponential for the rooftop solar provider.

“We are continuing to pursue innovative opportunities to expand our national presence and accelerate the current growth trajectory of the business,” he says.

“Partnering with Costco’s experienced team and the product launch has made the purchase of rooftop solar as easy as buying a loaf of bread and created an alternative and convenient avenue for homeowners looking to install solar energy.”

This Costco partnership fulfills Nectr’s ambition to become an Australia-wide brand and makes the company the first chain retail solar offering in Australia. 

The partnership began in September 2020 when Nectr’s products were first made available in Adelaide. 

Now the partnership has expanded across other cities in the country. 

Can you buy solar panels at Costco? 

Yes! Costco members can now apply to purchase Nectr products directly through Costco. Scan a QR code on any Nectr kiosk to get started. One of our friendly sales staff will be in touch shortly after to guide you through the process. 

What Solar Energy Products Can You Find at Costco? 

When purchasing a solar system, several products must be installed, including panels, an inverter, solar Monitoring, and solar batteries. 

Purchasing Solar Panels at Costco

A solar panel is the main component of a solar energy system. Panels generate electricity when the sunlight hits the solar panels, and the silicon atoms convert it into valuable renewable energy.

At Nectr, we choose our solar panel providers after much consideration. We make sure their products are efficient enough to provide maximum energy output. Furthermore, we look into the company’s prospect of staying in the market for so long.

Checking a company’s warranty is essential because many brands offer a guarantee of more than ten years, but they eventually close their operations before that time. Their customers are then unable to make warranty claims in unforeseen circumstances.

Our Suggested Solar panels for Costco Members

Nectr works with the following brands, which are also available at Costco:

  • Canadian Solar – Founded back in 2001, Canadian Solar has shopped more than 52GW of solar panels. As a premium Tier 1 provider, the company offers solar panels that come with more than 21 per cent efficiency.
  • Q Cells – Produced by the brand called Hanwha, Q Cells is one of the most prominent photovoltaic manufacturers worldwide and has earned a name as a premium solar provider.

Purchasing A Solar Inverter At Costco

Solar inverters convert DC electricity into AC, which is critical for running the appliances in your home. Solar panels cannot run without a high-quality solar inverter.

According to Mr. Brown’s official statement, Nectr takes great pride in working with quality distribution services and providers. This is also true for solar inverters. 

“We look at all the essential details when looking for any organization to work alongside. Our products have to meet specific quality and performance standards, so our customers can benefit from these products in the long run,” he stated.

Our Recommended Solar Inverters for Costco Members

Currently, Nectr works with four different brands of solar inverters. These include:

  • Sungrow – the largest inverter manufacturer across the world, known for their reliable and cost-efficient inverter solutions
  • Fronius is the brand known for producing the highest quality solar inverters globally. With 75 years of expertise in the industry, the brand knows how to create safe and reliable solar energy products.
  • Huawei – Huawei company provides efficient and modern inverter solutions at very affordable prices.
  • Enphase – Enphase is a pioneer and number one brand globally, producing high-quality microinverters, particularly for homeowners.

Purchasing a Solar Battery at Costco

Whether you have a business that consumes solar power to run its daily operations or use solar energy to run your household’s appliances, solar battery storage is essential to utilize solar power to the maximum.

Solar batteries come at the third stage of an energy production system. They store additional power produced by the solar panel, which can then be used in times of electricity failure or when the solar panel is not operational, such as at night.

Recommended Solar Batteries for Costco Customers 

Here are some of the products available under this category:

  • Tesla Powerwall – This energy storage makes it possible to use solar power at night instead of taking energy from the traditional grid system. Tesla Powerwall is one of the best systems available, and Nectr has partnered with Tesla to make Australian homes energy-efficient.
  • Sonnen – This company produces high-quality battery storage systems that engage in rate arbitrage. This means that the system stores energy when it is cheap to use solar panels and switches to the battery when the rates go up. People looking for eco-friendly systems can benefit from Sonnen’s battery system.
  • iSolar Cloud – The Sungrow iSolar Cloud is a unique access management system. Firstly, it comes integrated with cyber security software, ensuring proper security of the entire system, together with complete log management for audit and trace.
  • Furthermore, it provides accurate positioning of faults, troubleshooting information, and real-time push of important information. In this way, you can resolve defects in the solar system quickly.
  • Sungrow’s products come with a web portal and application, making account management very easy. Sungrow can share information with coworkers and friends as well for improved control.
  • Huawei Fusion Solar Smart PV Management System – This system illustrates the energy flow with a physical and logical module layout.

Best Solar Monitoring For Costco Members

Solar Monitoring is also one of the critical elements of a solar energy system. A solar monitoring system tracks data generated by a power generation and consumption system to watch how it operates.

After all, increasing your energy consumption increases your energy bills dramatically. Therefore, it is essential to track the system, so you can start saving more on the electricity bill.

Recommended Solar Monitoring

Nectr has partnered with the following companies for solar power monitoring systems:

  • Solar Analytics – Using Solar Analytics, you can gain insights into how to use a solar energy system more efficiently. This will help you maximize your earnings, minimize the usage of the system at night time, and increase the lifetime of the product.
  • Fronius Smart Meter – The Fronius Smart Meter is a bidirectional meter that records the total load curve and ensures the proper consumption of solar power. This smart meter uses rapid communication, dynamic feed-in control, a high-quality interface, and accurate measurements to provide a complete overview of the power consumption in a household.

Our Solar Financing Options for Costco Visitors

Although solar power is very efficient for producing electricity, buying solar energy products is also very expensive.

Nectr recognizes that not everyone will want to buy a solar energy system upfront or cash. This is why we also offer several financing options.

“We understand how difficult it can be for some startups or homeowners to switch to solar power without going overboard with their budget. This is why we advise our clients to benefit from either government rebate options or discounts that our partners offer,” says Mr. Brown.

Here are some private companies Nectr works with to provide financing support to its clients:

  • Plenti – known for its customer-centric strategies, Plenti sells products to customers on the policy of “buy now, pay later.” The business also offers a green loan on easy instalment options.
  • Brighte – one of the best-known renewable energy financial institutions, Brighte has won various awards in the country for fulfilling the needs of homeowners with its unique, innovative, and green energy strategies. Brighte now offers financing solutions with 0 percent interest. The process of applying for these solutions is also straightforward. 
  • Humm – offers various financing, borrowing, and repayment solutions for a broad range of retailers.

Why work with Nectr?

Eight years of experience

Nectr was founded back in 2014 to help as many homeowners as possible in Australia to switch to solar power.

According to a brand representative, “the company believes in empowering people and helping them switch to solar power. We believe solar power can truly change Australia.”

Another representative mentioned, “We are committed to being transparent with our clients at every step of working with them. This is why we make sure that from the moment they call us to take some information to the time they make their final purchase, we provide them full-fledged support.”

Today, the company has already worked with more than 20,000 home and business owners, supporting them in switching to solar power successfully. With the Costco Partnership, the company hopes to continue its mission of creating awareness regarding solar energy and encourage more Aussie homeowners to get solar products.

Known in The Industry

Another way to measure the success of the brand’s growth is through its recognition in the market. Karl Brown, the CEO, has been awarded the Brisbane Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Retail and Services, not just once but thrice in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Mr. Brown also won the National Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2018 and the accolade for National Young Entrepreneur “Trailblazer” of the Year in 2019.

The company was ranked in the “Fast 100” list of the Australian Financial Review in 2020, thanks to its 120% growth rate.

Excellent Customer Service

The company offers a “Pain-free Guarantee,” meaning people can switch to solar power quickly and smoothly. Nectr provides all the technical information to its clients to understand what’s being done.

Nectr has over 1000+ positive reviews across the web!

As already mentioned, the company aims to work with only the best retailers and distributors from different countries in the solar industry to bring the best products to its clients with convenience.

CEC Compliance

Nectr is a CEC accredited solar retailer and installer. The professionals at the company are also aware of all the legislations and regulations they need to follow, as laid down by the Clean Energy Council (CEC). So rest assured that you’ll get a hassle-free service that meets all the standards laid down in the industry.

Our Guides to Buying Solar and More

We have a series of unique guides to solar, solar finance, batteries and more, if you are looking to do more in-depth research into solar panels check the below:

1. Questions To Ask At Your Solar Appointment
During a solar appointment, you need to enquire about the cost, financial incentives, and warranties. Also, ask about the company’s experience, references, and product types and brands. After choosing your installer, confirm the installation process.

2. In-Home or Phone Solar Assessment – Which Is Better?
Read on, as we provide a detailed guide on how you can conduct a self-assessment of your home. This will help you be more knowledgeable when consulting a supplier for installing solar power. We’ll also provide an outline of the in-home assessment by a residential solar energy company and how it may vary from a phone assessment.

3. Is My Home Right For Solar? Will It Work For Me?
Your home is right for solar if trees and excess shade from nearby buildings don’t block the sun. In short, the amount of sunlight that reaches your roof, your roof’s conditions, your geographical location, and your budget play a critical part in deciding whether a solar system will work for you. 

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