Getting solar before summer will help you save money on the installation and avoid the rush for solar in summer. It also ensures that your system is in place before the warmer months. So, you’ll stay cool and save money on electricity, while others scramble for installation and face huge energy bills.

When planning to go solar, should you wait until the summer, when the sun supposedly shines brightest? Well, spring and winter are the best time to install solar panels

You should really consider getting solar before summer if:

  • You want to save money on solar installation
  • You want to get installed quicker (during quieter months) 
  • You don’t want to face big electricity bills in summer

Going solar before summer will save you money as well as a lot of stress and discomfort. 

In this post, you’ll find 5 good reasons why you should get your solar installation before summer.

Let’s get into it.

1. Avoid the summer installation rush

Getting your installation before summer will help you avoid the rush for solar panels that happen in summer. You’ll also avoid the waiting and stress that comes with increased demand.

Summer is the most popular time for solar installations. If you wait until then to get your solar panels installed, you may find yourself at the end of a very long queue.

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2. Quicken the installation 

Getting solar before summer should give you a shorter waiting time. This is because the overall time for solar installation is shorter before summer than in summer.

The approval to get a solar power system installed in Australia can take a lot of time. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to 6 months. It’s not just the time it takes the installation company to get the solar panels on your roof. Much of the waiting time is for the required solar inspections, permits and connection to the grid.

Installing solar panels involves construction and electrical work. With such works come safety concerns that are addressed by the law. Additionally, your solar installation needs to be approved so that you can enjoy STC (Small-scale Technology Certificates) after installation. 

Before installation, officials will inspect your house to ensure that it can safely carry the solar panels. After installation, officials will do a final inspection before permitting you to switch on the system.

Because of the high demand for solar installation in summer, solar inspections and permits usually take longer. So, if you want fast solar installation, you should go solar before summer.

3. Save money on installation

Getting your solar installations before summer is cheaper than waiting until the summer to do it. The savings come from:

  • Low price of solar installation before summer because of low demand
  • Taking advantage of solar incentives 

Low demand for solar installations

From simple economics, demand and price move in the same direction. An increase in demand brings about a price increase, and a decrease in demand brings about a price decrease.

The high demand for solar installations in the summer means that installation costs are high at that time. However, if you get solar before summer when demand is low, the installation costs are relatively low, saving you some money.

Take advantage of solar incentives

To encourage people to go solar, the government of Australia created the Small Scale Renewable energy Scheme (SRES) that offers Small-scale Technology Certificates to homeowners and businesses. Australia is so committed to renewable energy that there are different local incentives programs for solar installations. Claiming the incentives allows you to get solar installation cheaper than it would have cost.

For example, the Small-scale Technology Certificates are calculated based on your system’s energy production, location, and installation date. But the Australian government will phase out STCs by 2030, and the amount of the incentives will reduce every year. The sooner you install your solar system, the better.  

4. Lower your summer electricity bills

If you go solar before summer, you’ll spend less on electricity in the hot summer months. The savings come from:

  • Solar electricity production from your solar power system
  • Reduced heating of the house because of the solar panels on the roof 

Offset high energy demands in summer using your solar system 

Your solar system will be ready to provide the cooling you need through the summer days when you get it before summer. You’ll draw little or nothing from the grid, which will mean zero or significantly low summer electricity bills.

Remember that summer brings the heat, which means you run your air conditioner like never before. So, electricity bills are highest in summer. 

Once you install solar panels, you will produce electricity for your high summer usage in ACs and also family visits.

However, if you wait until summer to go solar, you will not get your solar power system ready on time (remember summer’s solar installation rush and long installation waiting time). While you wait for your solar system, you will have to draw all your electricity from the grid.

Solar panels reduce the heat getting into your house

Going solar involves setting solar panels on your rooftop. This added layer between your rooftop and the summer’s simmering sunshine reduces the impact of the summer heat on your house.

So, you’ll require less air conditioning to cool the house. The lower electricity consumption translates to lower electricity bills. 

5. Learn to maximise savings

Generally, electricity consumption is highest in summer. Getting solar before summer gives you enough time to assess your solar electricity consumption and make intelligent adjustments to get the best out of your solar panels before the hot summer period.

Without making these smart adjustments, your electricity consumption in the summer months may be more than the production from your solar panels, and you may have to draw from the grid.

However, going solar before summer gives you time to optimise energy in the summer months. This may even leave you with surplus electricity that you can export to the grid for some earning (feed-in tariff).


Summer is popular for solar installations. But getting solar before summer is much more beneficial. You don’t want the stress of joining the solar installation rush in the summer. The summer rush also raises installation costs. So, you enjoy lower costs by getting solar before summer.

Solar installation takes time, so if you wait until the summer to go solar, your system may not be ready on time to offset the summer electricity bills. You’ll then be faced with either bearing the summer heat or paying a huge electricity bill.

When planning to go solar, consider installing your solar panels before summer. An even more important consideration is the solar installer that you use.

For the safety of your family and your house, ensure that you use a reliable and reputable solar installer. A certified installer also helps you take advantage of solar incentives. 

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