The Sun2000-KTL-M0 inverters are three-phase, grid-tied, transformerless inverters from the Chinese corporation Huawei. With a maximum efficiency of 98.40 – 98.65% and ranging from 5k W to 15 kW, they are arguably the best inverters for converting DC power to usable AC power.

Inverters are critical components of solar PV systems. Without them, the electricity produced by the solar panels cannot be used by appliances in the house. 

However, inverters are the components that fail the most in solar PV systems. As such, it’s important to source high-quality and reliable inverters when going solar.

To that end, this review will examine the Huawei Sun2000-KTL-M0 inverters, across its 5 kW to 15 kW models.

In particular, we’ll examine:

  • The technical specs of this inverter range,
  • Its performance and reliability,
  • What makes these inverters unique, and
  • Their limitations.

Let’s get started!

What is the Huawei Sun2000-KTL-M0?

The Sun2000-KTL-M0 is a series of three-phase grid-tied PV string inverters manufactured by Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd in China, with output power that ranges between 5 kW and 15 kW and efficiency ratings of 94.80% to 98.65%. These inverters are some of the most sought-after models in Australia. 

PV string inverters convert DC power produced by your solar panels into AC power used by the house.

The Sun2000 inverters come in various sizes, ranging from 2 kW all the way up to 100 kW. Each specific model in the series is easily identified by its size (power output), topology, and product code.

For example, in the case of the Sun2000-5KTL-M0 model:

KTL Model
  • A – This refers to the product name. In this case, it’s Sun2000 – the three-phase, grid-tied inverter.
  • B – The power level. For this inverter, the output is 5 kW.
  • C – Topology. The TL topology indicates that it’s a transformerless inverter.
  • D – Product code. The M0 Huawei inverters feature a DC input voltage of 1,100 V.

Huawei solar products are excellent investments for your home solar system, as they are popular for their reliable power output.

Huawei Sun2000-KTL-M0 Solar Inverter Range

The Huawei Sun2000-KTL-M0 solar inverter range has six models available for the Australian market:

  • Sun2000-5KTL-M0,
  • Sun2000-6KTL-M0,
  • Sun2000-8KTL-M0,
  • Sun2000-10KTL-M0,
  • Sun2000-12KTL-M0, and
  • Sun2000-15KTL-M0.

The difference between these models lies in their rated active power outputs. The number listed before the letters KTL indicates the power output. For instance, the model Sun2000-12KTL-M0 is rated at 12 kW output power. 

The size of your desired inverter depends on the DC rating of your solar system. Let’s say that you’re installing a solar system with an output power of 5 kW. In that case, you should choose an inverter close to that power. The Sun2000-5KTL-M0 model would be ideal in this scenario. 

Huawei Sun2000-KTL-M0 Technical Specifications

A glance at the datasheet of the Sun2000-KTL-M0 inverter highlights its power output and unique software features.

The table below groups the main information into efficiency ratings, input data, output data, and general data:

Sun2000 Model5KTL-M06KTL-M08KTL-M010KTL-M012KTL-M015KTL-M0
Maximum efficiency98.40 %98.60 %98.60 %98.60 %98.65 %98.65 %
European efficiency97.50 %97.70 %98.00 %98.10 %98.25 %98.30 %
Input Data
Max. input voltage1,100 V1,100 V1,100 V1,100 V1,100 V1,100 V
Op. voltage range140 V – 980 V140 V – 980 V140 V – 980 V140 V – 980 V140 V – 980 V140 V – 980 V
Start-up voltage200 V200 V200 V200 V200 V200 V
Full-load MPPT voltage range240 – 850 V285 – 850 V380 – 850 V470 – 850 V550 – 850 V580 – 850 V
Rated input voltage600 V600 V600 V600 V600 V600 V
Max. input current per MPPT 11 A11 A11 A11 A11 A11 A
Number of MPPT trackers222222
Number of inputs222222
Output Data
Grid connectionThree-phase Three-phaseThree-phaseThree-phaseThree-phaseThree-phase
Rated output power5,000 W6,000 W8,000 W10,000 W12,000 W15,000 W
Max apparent power5,500 VA6,600 VA8,800 VA11,000 VA13,200 VA16,500 VA
Maximum output current8.5 A10.1 A13.5 A16.9 A18.4 A25.2 A
Adopted power grid frequency50 / 60 Hz50 / 60 Hz50 / 60 Hz50 / 60 Hz50 / 60 Hz50 / 60 Hz

General DataHuawei Sun2000-KTL-M0 (All Models)
Dimensions (W x H x D)525 mm (W) x 470 mm (H) x 166 mm (D)
Net weight17 kg
Operating temperature-25 °C to +60 °C
Cooling modeNatural convection
TopologyNo transformer
IP ratingIP65
DisplayLED indicators; integrated WLAN + FusionSolar App
CommunicationWLAN, GPRS, 4G

What is the Huawei Sun2000-KTL-M0 Solar Inverter’s Output Capacity?

The output capacities of the Sun2000-KTL-M0 inverters vary from 5 kW to 15 kW. The number listed before the letters KTL indicates the inverter’s output capacity in kilowatts. 

As a general rule of thumb, the output capacity of your solar inverter should be equivalent to the DC rating of your solar panel array. For example, if you’re installing an 8 kW solar panel array, your inverter should have a similar output capacity of 8 kW.  

With a wide range of power ratings, the Sun2000-KTL-M0 inverters are available for both residential and commercial use.

The Sun2000-KTL-M0 inverters have outputs from 2 kW to 100 kW. With such a large capacity range, you’ll have no problem finding an inverter that matches the size of the PV system you want. This also makes the inverters available at price points to fit every budget.

The 5 kW – 8 kW models are excellent for homeowners, while the slightly more powerful 10 kW – 15 kW models are perfect for small businesses.

The Sun2000-KTLM0 inverter 5 kW – 15 kW models are all three-phase inverters. If you have a three-phase connection, then you need a three-phase solar inverter that matches your connection. 

What is the Huawei Sun2000-KTL-M0 Solar Inverter’s Efficiency?

The Sun2000-KTL-M0 inverters are very capable inverters with the efficiency of their models falling between 94.80% to 98.65%. A higher efficiency rating means that these inverters can convert most of their DC current into AC.  

Inverter efficiency typically falls between 85% to 95%, with high-quality inverters rated at 90% – 95% efficiency.

But the Sun2000-KTL-M0 5 kW to 15 kW models can reach a peak efficiency of 94.80% to 98.65%. This demonstrates that they are some of the best inverters in the market at DC to AC current conversion.

The European efficiency of the Sun2000 inverters is also impressive, with the 5 kW to 15 kW models ranging from 97.50% – 98.30%. This rating shows that the inverters perform handily at various power output levels, not just at the optimal power point. 

How Many MPP Trackers does the Huawei Sun2000-KTL-M0 Solar Inverter have?

The Sun2000-KTL-M0 series of solar inverters include two MPP trackers. Having two MPP trackers allows the Sun2000 inverters to operate with two different strings of panels facing different directions and still get a good system performance.  

The Sun2000-KTL-M0 5 kW – 15 kW models have two inputs and two MPP trackers. Each input has an MPP tracker. This means that one inverter can be used for two strings of panels. 

In a typical string inverter, the solar panels are connected in a series of strings, and the string is connected to the inverter. The result is that the system will function at the level of the least performing module. That is, if partial shading causes a module to function at 75%, every module in the string will function at 75%. 

But with these Sun2000-KTL-M0 inverters retaining two input levels, they allow a PV system to have two strings of panels working independently. This way, if conditions cause one string to perform suboptimally, the second string can still operate normally, thereby minimising your power losses.

The operating voltage range of the Sun 2000 5 kW – 15 kW inverters is 140 V to 980 V.

In a solar PV system, input voltage changes depending on illumination and temperature. A solid inverter will have a wide operating voltage range that can function properly under a spectrum of conditions. 

Does the Huawei Sun2000-KTL-M0 Inverter have an Internal DC Circuit Breaker?

The Sun2000-KTL-M0 series of solar inverters are equipped with Residual Current Monitoring Unit (RCMU) that monitors the residual current in the circuit and activates an alarm. The RCMU detects and shuts down DC, pulse, and AC fault currents that occur. 

It’s recommended that the tracking system be protected with an overcurrent device and a fuse circuit breaker. The circuit breaker is installed between the solar inverter and the tracking control box. 

An ideal AC circuit breaker should be rated for voltage > 500 V with a current of 16 Amperes. 

Huawei Sun2000-KTL-M0 Key Features

The Huawei Sun2000-KTL-M0 series of solar inverters have an array of unique features that make them one of the best inverters on the market:

  • Compact design: The Sun2000 inverters are very compact and portable. They measure only 525 (W) x 470 (H) x 166 (D) millimetres. They weigh just 17kg with the hanging kits (albeit without the mounting brackets).
  • Degree of protection: The Sun2000-KTL-M0 inverters have an ingress protection (IP) rating of 65. The IP rating defines the degree of protection an enclosure of electrical equipment provides against intrusion, dust, and water.

The IP65 rating of the Sun2000 inverters means that their casing is dust-proof and provides protection from low-pressure water from any direction.

  • Best-inclass cooling system: The aluminum casings of the Sun2000 inverters include a heat sink at the back. This allows the inverter to be cooled by natural convection.

As a result, the Sun2000 doesn’t use fans for cooling. The special indentations of the rear heat sink allow hot air to flow out and cool air to flow in, thereby cooling the inverters. 

In tests carried out by PV Evolution Labs (PVEL) in 2019, Sun2000 models were top performers in different categories, including high and low-temperature operations.

  • Topology and efficiency: The “TL” in the model name of the Sun2000-KTL-M0 inverters means “Transformerless”. These inverters do not have a transformer. A simple multi-step process does the transformer’s work in the conventional inverters.

Being transformerless makes the Sun2000 inverters very efficient because they avoid any internal energy losses associated with the operation of a transformer. 

The absence of a transformer also means that the Sun2000 inverters have fewer components. This is one reason why they can afford to be compact and transportable. It also means that the inverters avoid the cost of additional components, resulting in a relatively low price point.

What is the Huawei Sun2000-KTL-M0 Solar Inverter’s Warranty?

Huawei offers a reasonable warranty program for its Sun2000 series of solar inverters. Inverters purchased in or after February 2020 include a 10-year warranty. You can also extend this warranty for an additional 10 years by paying an additional cost upfront. 

The additional 10-year warranty costs roughly $600.00.

That said, the local warranty terms might change and you should consult one of our InstyleSolar representatives if you have any questions.  

It’s crucial to understand what is covered under your solar inverter warranty. Manufacturers’ generally cover failures due to faulty design or any workmanship issues

Huawei offers a comprehensive warranty on EV inverters. If you want to claim the warranty on any of the Sun2000 inverters, you may need to fill out an inverter warranty claim form

Additionally, you can call Huawei on their toll-free number at 1800 103 8009

Is the Huawei Sun2000-KTL-M0 Solar Inverter Safe and Reliable?

The Sun2000-KTL-M0 inverters are high-performing and reliable units that are highly rated by PVEL, a leading independent lab of the downstream solar industry. It provides performance and reliability testing for solar PV and storage technology. 

A top performer in PVEL tests is a trustworthy solar device. A number of Sun2000 inverters ranked highly in the tests featured in the 2019 PVEL Scorecard.

The specific categories where Huawei Sun2000 models were top performers are summarised below: 

TestSun2000 Top Performer
Passive Chamber Testing
Thermal Cycling
Humidity Freeze
Thermal Performance Characterisation
Powered Thermal Cycling
High-Temperature Operation
Low-Temperature Operation
Performance Testing Efficiency
MPPT Efficiency
Conversion Efficiency
Energy Harvest
Performance Testing: Operational Window
AC Operational Window
DC Operational Window
Transient Response
Field Testing
Ground and Arc Fault
30-Day Runtime

Here are some of the tests the Huawei inverters underwent:

  • Passive Chamber Testing

While Sun2000 inverters did not obtain top performer rankings in this category, they were under consideration. These tests determined the impact of environmental conditions on performance. The Sun2000 inverters underwent the tests and emerged without any reliability issues.

There were no such issues as water condensation in wiring compartments, corrosion, coating delamination, discoloration and melting of external displays, or electromagnetic fatigue of electrical connections mentioned in the report.

  • Efficiency Performance

You’ll notice that Sun2000 inverters were rated the top inverters in every category of efficiency performance testing

Under MPPT efficiency, the test assessed the ability of the inverters to track a PV’s system maximum power point under a wide range of conditions (such as irradiance, soiling, droppings, clouds, shading, and module temperature).

The Sun2000 was the best at tracking the MPP during low rates of change, high rates of change, and static electrical conditions.  

Under conversion efficiency, the test assessed the efficiency at which an inverter converts DC to AC under different voltage conditions and power levels ranging from 10% to 100%. Again, the Sun2000 outperformed every other inverter on the shortlist

The energy harvest test looked at the inverter’s efficiency at converting DC to AC at varying daytime irradiance levels – morning start-up, full-day operation, and evening shut-down. Again, the Sun2000 inverter was a clear winner. 

  • Thermal Performance

For the thermal performance test, multiple components along the main path of the inverter are monitored using thermocouple sensors. The Sun2000 managed to sustain both the maximum and minimum operational temperatures.

In other words, these inverters will not exceed temperature limits. As such, you’ll dodge one problem that reduces the lifetime of inverter components and causes inverter failure.

  • Field Testing

The field testing determines if inverters will operate safely and continuously in real-world conditions. The inverters were connected to the grid for 30 days, and energy production was measured at 5-minute intervals. The Sun2000 inverters also came out on top as there was no nuisance tripping or shutting down whatsoever.

Is the Huawei Sun2000-KTL-M0 Solar Inverter CEC-Approved?

The Sun2000-KTL-M0 solar inverter is on the Clean Energy Council’s (CEC) list of approved inverters and power conversion equipment. The approval is valid through December 2024. 

That said, you should note that the listing of an inverter on the CEC’s website does not automatically grant the rights of connection to the power network. You should be aware of any special requirements of individual network distributors above and beyond CEC’s requirements. 

You can contact your network distributors directly to enquire about the approved inverters. The Sun2000 inverters are approved to be used in most networks across Australia. 

Can You Retrofit a Battery to Huawei Sun2000-KTL-M0 Solar Inverter?

The Huawei Sun2000 series of solar inverters feature a built-in battery charger that can be retrofitted with a battery. Customers aiming to be ‘battery-ready’ can use Huawei’s Luna2000 solar battery with these inverters. 

You can easily install battery cables for the various models of the Sun2000 inverter by following the guide below:

  • Set the switch between the inverter and PV module, then switch between inverter and power grid, and the DC switch on the inverter to the ‘OFF’ position.
  • Set the Auxiliary Power ON/OFF and circuit breaker switches on the battery to the off position as well.
  • Remove the battery cover and the protective panel.
  • Connect the communications cables to the corresponding holes in the COM wiring terminal in the inverter.
  • Attach the communication cables to the corresponding sockets in the communication terminal of the battery.
  • Connect the battery output cables of the inverter to the corresponding sockets in the battery.
  • Reinstall the protective panel and set the battery switch to the ‘ON’ position.
  • Reinstall the battery cover.

Retrofitting a battery to your Sun2000-KTL-M0 inverter requires handling components attached to live electricity. You should exercise caution and use proper protective equipment if you plan to do this yourself. We would suggest hiring a professional to carry it out for peace of mind. 

Is the Huawei Sun2000-KTL-M0 a High-quality and Valuable Inverter? Our Opinion

Huawei’s Sun200-KTL-M0 inverters are setting the standard for performance and reliability. When converting DC to AC under a broad spectrum of DC voltage levels, string configurations, ambient temperatures, and irradiance levels, the Sun2000 inverters trump every competing option.

Huawei may be a relatively recent player in the solar PV market, but it already has some of the best solar inverters available.

These inverters are highly efficient, and they are also built to last. 

The absence of a cooling fan, LCD, and buttons means fewer failure points. And they come with a reliable IP65 protection rating. Within the 5 kW – 15 kW models of the Sun2000-KTL-M0 range, you’ll find an excellent inverter for residential and commercial applications.

Some of the features that make the Sun2000-KTL-M0 series of inverters outstanding include:

  • Solar Battery Readiness

The Sun2000-KTL-M0 5 kW – 15 kW models are all battery-ready inverters. They feature an interface for coupling with a DC high voltage battery, such as the Huawei Luna Solar Battery.

This means that when using these solar inverters, you don’t need a separate battery inverter

While you can use other compatible batteries with this inverter, we would highly recommend sticking to the Huawei Luna series of batteries as they offer the best performance when paired with the Sun2000 series of inverters. 

  • Natural Convection Cooling

Another unique aspect of the Sun2000-KTL-M0 inverters is their rear heat sink. This feature replaces the conventional cooling fans in keeping the temperature of the inverter within acceptable limits.

The heat sink is even more efficient than cooling fans because it allows for noiseless operation. While inverters with cooling fans produce noise of 50 dB or more, the Sun2000 inverters hum quietly at 29 dB. This makes them ideal for environments where quietness is desired, such as libraries and hospitals.

  • Buttonless Appearance

The Sun2000 inverters have absolutely no external displays and buttons.

Most inverters have buttons and LCDs for viewing certain system data and inverter error codes. However, the Sun2000 comes with a very minimalistic interface. It features just three LED indicators on the front panel and nothing else.

One advantage of lacking either LCDs or buttons on the interface is that the inverters have fewer points of failure. The unobstructed design also provides excellent weather resistance as there is less space for water and dirt to enter the main components. 

  • Smart IV Curve Diagnosis

The smart IV Curve Diagnosis is one of the most endearing advantages of Huawei Sun2000 inverters. This is a tool for real-time monitoring of PV systems.

It uses Artificial Intelligence to create an IV curve that can help you identify issues with the system. With the solution, you can automatically detect different faults, from blown diodes to micro-cracks and more. 

It’ll also provide corrective suggestions that significantly reduce repair time and ensure reliability. 

Another benefit of this solution is its remote diagnostic capability. You can scan the system, with just one click, from anywhere you are. This allows you to keep an eye on how your inverter and EV solar system perform, whether at home or away. 

The diagnosis is also very fast. For example, it’ll take only 5 minutes to completely scan a 5 W system.  

  • Access to the Fusion Cloud Solar Monitoring App

Monitor your energy usage with Huawei’s smart monitoring app, allowing homeowners to better understand their energy usage patterns.

You can check a number of performance metrics such as system output, energy consumption, and more.

Although the Sun2000-KTL-M0 series has several advantages, there are a few limitations of these series of inverters that you keep in mind.

Some of the limitations include: 

  • Absence of an EPS (Emergency Power Supply)

The Sun2000 inverters don’t include a built-in EPS, which means you can’t get backup power if there’s a grid outage.

Usually, whenever there’s a grid outage, the safety system in a grid-tied inverter shuts the system down. This prevents the system from exporting power to the grid so that workers attempting to fix the outage won’t get electrocuted. 

The component will provide the backup power for inverters with EPS mode while the outage lasts. Since the Sun2000 inverters don’t come equipped with EPS, you’ll have to add the component, which comes at an additional cost (about $500).

  • Absence of LCD Screen

While the minimalistic interface of the Sun2000 inverters means that failure points are reduced, it also means that there’s no LCD screen for set-up.

Thus, the set-up of the inverters must be through WiFi. However, it is relatively straightforward. You should be able to set up the inverter within several minutes. 

  • Short Warranty Period

The solar inverters come with a standard 10-year (120 months) warranty. This is relatively short considering the solar panels’ lifespan and the industry standard.

Fortunately, you can purchase a warranty extension for another 10 years. Thus, you can get 10 years to 20 years warranty on your Huawei Sun2000 inverter.

Although you might have to pay an upfront cost, we would strongly suggest going with the extended warranty

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