Fronius Smart Meter: Keeping track of your solar production

Published: 29 July 2021

While keeping track of solar generation and consumption, the Fronius Smart Meter can also detect productivity issues and other system malfunctions.

Fronius is well known for their high-quality solar inverters, but the company also offers many solutions that are focused on energy monitoring and control. The Fronius Smart Meter is capable of bidirectional measurements, and it can be added to solar systems to monitor all energy flows:

  • Electricity generation from your solar panels
  • Home consumption, from both the solar power system and the grid
  • Surplus electricity from solar panels that gets exported to the grid

In Australia, the feed-in tariff you get for surplus electricity is normally much lower than the tariff charged when consuming energy from the grid. This means that consuming solar electricity is more valuable than selling it.

For example, assume you are charged 35 cents/kWh by your electricity provider, but are only paid 10 cents/kWh when selling surplus solar energy. If you consume 1,000 kWh from your solar panels you save $350, but you only get a credit of $100 if you export the same amount.

When your home solar system is equipped with a Fronius Smart Meter, you can get a clear picture of how electricity is being generated and used. By increasing your self-consumption of solar power, you also increase your electricity bill savings and return on investment. It is fully integrated with the Solar.web interface and app, providing full visibility and control over your solar energy.

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The Fronius Smart Meter is available in three versions, which cover the requirements of different types of projects:

Fronius Smart Meter 63A-1Single-phase systems in homes and small businesses1x 63 Amps, 230-240 V-25 to +55 °C35 x 89 x 65.6 mm
Fronius Smart Meter 63A-3Three-phase systems in homes and small businesses3x 63 Amps, 400-415 V-25 to +55 °C71.2 x 89 x 65.6 mm
Fronius Smart Meter 50kA-3Three-phase systems in large commercial buildings3x 50,000 Amps, 400-415 V-5 to +55 °C71.2 x 89 x 65.6 mm

All three smart meters are very compact, they can be installed on DIN rails, and they communicate with Fronius inverters via Modbus RTU (RS485). The 63A-1 smart meter has a 6-digit LCD screen, while the 63A-3 and 50kA-3 meters have 8-digit screens.

The Fronius Smart Meter can provide reliable measurements in homes and businesses alike, having Accuracy Class 1 under IEC standards.

  • By combining the smart meter with a Fronius inverter and Solar.web, you can create an energy management system that maximises the economic value of solar power.
  • The system can maximise the solar electricity provided to your home appliances, reducing the amount that gets exported to the grid.
  • You can achieve even greater control over your electricity by adding an energy storage system to the Fronius Smart Meter.

While keeping track of solar generation and consumption, the smart meter can also detect productivity issues and other system malfunctions. Based on this information, Nectr can provide you with professional technical support, and we can also take care of any warranty claims involved.

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