Fronius Galvo inverter is a single-phase, high-frequency solar inverter with power ratings from 1.5 to 3.1 kW. It’s compact, lightweight, and features an active cooling system. This inverter is future-proof thanks to its plug-in card option and suite of smart-grid features.

Inverters comprise 10 to 20% of the PV solar system. Choosing a solar inverter that is both highly efficient and can serve your future needs is crucial.

In this Fronius inverter review, we’ll provide you with the most essential information you need and present it in an easy-to-understand manner, so you can have an idea of what is involved with the Fronius inverter. We’ll examine Fronius Galvo solar inverters in the following areas:

  • Product overview
  • Technical evaluations
  • Qualities and reliability
  • Features
  • Unique aspects
  • Limitations

Read on.

What is the Fronius Galvo Solar Inverter?

Fronius Galvo inverters are single-phase string inverters with power ratings that range from 1.5kW to 3.1kW, making them perfect for household use. 

The Fronius solar inverters can maximize the self-consumption components with an integrated energy management relay. The inverters also utilize the ‘old’ transformer topology, ideal for old small-capacity solar systems and power systems. 

Fronius solar inverters are manufactured in Austria, where the manufacturing standards are far more established than South America or China. With years of experience under its belt, the company is well-regarded for its high-performing inverters

Fronius has continued to build a variety of  inverters in the solar industry. It wasn’t until they introduced the snap-in inverter (swap inverter) family in 2012 that the company made a sizeable impact and gained a devoted global following. 

The Fronius Galvo solar inverter is made up of three main parts:

  • The Turbine Fan Assembly: This is where the air is sucked in and forced out through the back of the inverter. It also blows out any excess heat that this process may generate.
  • The Inverter: This part converts DC from your PV system into AC current using an AC motor that runs along with magnetic fields created by a permanent magnet motor (PM). These fields generate energy from your PV system and convert it into usable energy for devices such as refrigerators, washing machines, etc.
  • The Load Center: This is where all the appliances connect to receive their power from the Fronius Galvo solar.

The Fronius Galvo is a high-performance solar inverter with an advanced microprocessor control system. It has a highly efficient power conversion system, which uses the latest semiconductor technology to achieve the best possible performance in solar applications.

The inverter has been developed for use with rooftop photovoltaic systems and other renewable energy sources. It features a sophisticated electronic control unit (ECU) that monitors and controls all aspects of the system automatically to ensure optimum performance.

The Galvo is devised for any solar module, including monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon wafers, thin-film cells, and crystalline silicon modules. It can also be used with other renewable energy sources such as wind or hydroelectric power plants.

Fronius Galvo Inverter Range

Fronius Galvo is available in power categories ranging from 1.5 to 3.1 kW. It is a perfect inverter for households and self-consumption systems.

Fronius Galvo Solar Inverter Technical Specifications 

The datasheet displays the output, input and the general data of 1.5 kW to 3.1 kW inverter ranges:

Input DataGALVO 1.5-1GALVO 2.0-1GALVO 2.5-1GALVO 3.0-1GALVO 3.1-1
Number of MPP trackers11111
Max. input current13.3 A17.8 A16.6 A19.8 A20.7A
Max. array short circuit current20.0 A26.8 A24.8 A29.6 A31.0A
DC input voltage range120 – 420 V120 – 420 V165 – 550 V165 – 550 V165 – 550 V
Feed-in start voltage140 V140 V185 V185 V185 V
Usable MPP voltage range120 – 335 V120 – 335 V165 – 440 V165 – 440 V165 – 440 V
Number of DC connections33333
Max. PV generator output3.0 kW peak4.0 kW peak5.0 kW peak6.0 kW  peak6.2 kW peak
Output DataGALVO 1.5-1GALVO 2.0-1GALVO 2.5-1GALVO 3.0-1GALVO 3.1-1
AC nominal output1,500 W2,000 W2,500 W3,000 W3,100 W
Max output power1,500 VA2,000 VA2,500 VA3,000 VA3100 VA
AC output current6.5 A8.7 A10.9 A13.0 A13.5 A
Grid connection (voltage range)1~NPE 230 V
(+17% / -20%)
1~NPE 230 V
(+17% / -20%)
1~NPE 230 V
(+17% / -20%)
1~NPE 230 V
(+17% / -20%)
1~NPE 230 V
(+17% / -20%)
(frequency range)
50 Hz / 60 Hz
(45 – 65 Hz)
50 Hz / 60 Hz
(45 – 65 Hz)
50 Hz / 60 Hz
(45 – 65 Hz)
50 Hz / 60 Hz
(45 – 65 Hz)
50 Hz / 60 Hz
(45 – 65 Hz)
Total harmonic distortion< 4 %< 4 %< 4 %< 4 %< 4 %
Power factor0.85 – 1 ind. / cap.0.85 – 1 ind. / cap.0.85 – 1 ind. / cap.0.85 – 1 ind. / cap.0.85 – 1 ind. / cap.

General DataGALVO Models (All)
Max. efficiencyGALVO 1.5-1: 95.9 %; GALVO 2.0-1: 96.0 %; GALVO 2.5-1: 96.1 %;
GALVO 3.0-1: 96.1 %; GALVO 3.1-1: 96.1 %.
European efficiency (ηEU)GALVO 1.5-1: 94.5 %; GALVO 2.0-1: 94.9 %; GALVO 2.5-1: 95.2 %;
GALVO 3.0-1: 95.4 %; GALVO 3.1-1: 95.4 %.
MPP adaptation efficiency> 99.9 %
(height x width x depth)
645 x 431 x 204 mm
WeightGALVO 1.5-1 / GALVO 2.0-1: 16.4 kg
GALVO 2.5-1 / GALVO 3.0-1 / GALVO 3.1-1: 16.8 kg
Degree of protectionIP 65
Protection class1
Overvoltage category (DC / AC)2/3
Night-time consumption< 1 W
Inverter conceptHF transformer
CoolingRegulated air cooling
InstallationIndoor and outdoor installation
Ambient temperature range-25 – +50 °C
Permitted humidity0 to 100 % MPP
Max. altitude2,000 m / 3,500 m (unrestricted / restricted voltage range)
DC connection technology3x DC+ and 3x DC- screw terminals 2.5 – 16 mm²
AC connection technology3-pin AC screw terminals 2.5 – 16 mm²

Source: Fronius Galvo Datasheet (click the top option on the list).

What is the Fronius Galvo Solar Inverter’s Output Capacity?

The Fronius Galvo solar inverter’s output capacity is 125 watts per hour. The solar inverter can be installed on a single-phase or three-phase system. 

The Fronius inverters’ output can power everything from your home to your refrigerator and other electrical appliances.

What is the Fronius Galvo Solar Inverter’s Efficiency?

The maximum efficiency of the Galvo 6.2kW inverter is 96.1%, while its European equivalent is 95.4%.

Good-quality inverters generally have an efficiency of around 95%, while superior models have an efficiency of 95 – 98%. We can tell from this that the Galvo is one of the best-performing solar inverters.

These efficiency ratings show that the Galvo inverter won’t waste any solar energy that your solar panels produce. Inverter efficiency is the percentage of DC electricity from the solar panels that the inverter converts to AC electricity for home use. 

The Galvo inverter is a high-performance hybrid inverter that combines solar and battery power into one solution. It’s designed to provide a reliable source of electricity for your home and appliances. 

Fronius inverters use a standard 240 V single-phase AC connection (240 V / 50 Hz) to provide power to your home or business. It can also be used with solar panels to generate energy from the solar system.

The inverter doesn’t just convert DC voltage from solar cells into usable AC power but also charges battery storage during off-peak hours when no solar array is available. 

That means that you can enjoy all the benefits of solar inverter production without relying on your local utility company for support or grid connectivity issues due to cloud cover or other weather conditions that might prevent sunshine from entering your house or business premises.

How Many MPP Trackers does the Fronius Galvo Solar Inverter have?

Each Fronius Galvo inverter has one MPP tracker. To avoid shading impacts, these trackers adhere to Multiple PowerPoints (MPP) in all solar panels. Even in the presence of clouds, leaves, and bird droppings, MPPTs will locate energy point peaks and use them for greater efficiency.

The purpose of an MPPT is to operate solar module arrays at maximum efficiency. It gets the most power possible out of the power modules. Simply put, the system’s power yield increases with the number of MPPTs at its disposal.

However, one MPPT is plenty for daily use. The MPP voltage range is the range that an inverter can increase power extraction from the PV system using the MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technique. Premium inverters have a high MPP operating range.

Fronius Galvo possesses an average MPP voltage range compared to their peers. While it’s not the best voltage range on the market, it’s versatile enough for multiple applications.

Does the Fronius Galvo Solar Inverter have an Internal DC Circuit Breaker?

The Fronius solar inverter does not include an internal DC circuit breaker, but it does have a built-in protection device.

This protection device is called a thermal warning device or a Fronius active cooling system. Basically, it’s an infrared sensor that senses the inverter’s internal temperature.

The Fronius solar inverter has a equipped thermal warning device that provides early warning of potential failure in the motor in case sophisticated power electronics are adjusted. This is important because you don’t want to be left without power or have your home or business compromised due to an electrical failure. 

If the Fronius Galvo inverter overheats, it will shut down automatically until the temperature drops to normal operating temperatures when there is excess solar energy.

Fronius Galvo Key Features

The Fronius Galvo is a system of ground-breaking technologies that combines the benefits of a distributed control system with an advanced metering infrastructure. It’s an excellent residential inverter with a power rating from 1.5 kW to 3.1 kW. 

Let’s look at other features Fronius Galvo inverters offer:

  • Zero Feed-in Capability: Zero feed-in means your PV’s power isn’t sent directly to the grid. Instead, your Fronius hybrid inverters provide optimum feed-in management and supply your household with energy while decreasing system output to the grid. You can reduce the power to the maximum energy feed-in permitted by grid-compatible AC electricity operators.
  • Smart Metre: Fronius modern inverters have a bidirectional meter (Smart Meter) that monitors the site’s energy consumption. With the Fronius Solar Web, the Smart Metre offers a clear overview of energy consumption.The Fronius Galvo is also compatible with the Fronius Smart Metre.
  • Plug-in Card Option: Future data loggers have the plug-in card option, the Fronius Data Manager. Once you connect the plug-in card to the internet through Wi-Fi, it sends your PV system details directly to the Solar system.
  • Web online portal: You can use the portal to view how your system functions daily and get notified of any inverter faults. The Fronius Galvo and all other Fronius inverters are compatible with the Data Manager.
  • Smart-grid Ready: All Fronius Galvo inverters are smart-grid ready for backup power. They include advanced communication features that share data with your utility company. Your inverters can stay up-to-date with this technology via plug-in cards or software updates. Smart grids require PV system data from the inverter to assist power companies in assessing the grid’s status.
  • Active Cooling System: Excess heating reduces performance over time. That’s why Fronius inverters have an active cooling system so they can maintain efficiency when there is excess heating. However, as the fans begin to run, the inverter can start to make a lot of noise.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi: A built-in Wi-Fi makes access from any smartphone effortless using the solar web smart app. Fronius smart meter helps you monitor regular self-consumption and the amount of electricity generated.
  • You can download the Solar Start application on your Android or iPhone. The application will take you through the setup in just a few minutes. The app also connects automatically to the inverter, enabling a full warranty and the Solar Web tool set-up. 
  • Solar Web tool helps you monitor your inverter’s power consumption, efficiency, or other system data. The portal is easily accessible from computers and phones, where you can receive alerts and run simulations. You can also access power, PV systems, total production, and earnings data. 
  • Unique Snap-in Design: Inverters made by Fronius Galvo have a special snap-in design that allows them to work effectively without coming loose from the wall.
  • Long Warranty: Fronius inverters come with a two-year standard warranty plus another five-year warranty if you register at Solar.web for free. If any problems arise with the warranty, Fronius customer service advises you to schedule a meeting with an installer to investigate the situation. The installer then informs the Fronius team and works with them to resolve the issue. Keep in mind that installer fees aren’t included in the warranty.

Additional Features

  • Automatic Shutdown: The inverter has an automatic monitoring shutoff feature that can keep certain appliances from being left on manually after being turned off.
  • Easy installation: The Fronius Galvo has an optional wireless module, which an electrician or do-it-yourselfer can install. The module is compatible with most major brands of electronic devices, including ceiling fans, lights, and more.
  • Voice control: You can use your voice to control your home’s lights and other appliances. Press the button on the remote and say ‘lights’ or ‘fan’ or whatever else you want to power on or off. The Fronius Galvo will respond instantly using Bluetooth connectivity.

What is the Fronius Galvo Solar Inverter’s Warranty?

The Fronius Galvo solar inverter’s warranty is five years on the Fronius inverter and five years on the modules.

The Fronius warranty covers the product against manufacturing and material defects. If there are issues with the product, customers can return it to Fronius, who will repair or replace the system.

If a module is defective within one year of purchase, Fronius will replace it free of charge; if it occurs after one year, customers have to pay an amount equal to 10% of the total cost of their system plus shipping costs as per Fronius warranty.

Is the Fronius Galvo Solar Inverter Reliable? Is the Solar Inverter Safe?

The Fronius Galvo solar inverter is a highly effective and reliable product that’s been designed for use with any renewable energy source, such as solar panels, wind turbines, and water turbines. The company is an industry leader in solar inverters transition.

The inverter has been tested by various laboratories such as the ANSI National Accreditation Board, and it has passed all safety standards

The Galvo is constructed from scratch-resistant materials that provide durability while ensuring that it remains safe during use. 

Fronius inverters have been tested to ensure consistent output and dependability for over twenty years. 

  • Design Flexibility

Fronius inverters have a SuperFlex design that allows you to select a string inverter for any application. Fronius employs a similar design philosophy to assist with setup and installation in all inverters. PV systems can be designed with low startup voltages up to the highest DC voltage permitted by the code. 

  • Product Failure Rate Over Time

Fronius aims for its inverters to serve its customers for over twenty years. The Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) reliability criterion is calculated when a product operates. Failure rate over time shows three phases of a product’s life; early failure, intrinsic failure, and end-life wear out. 

MTBF is the failure rate during intrinsic failures and can’t accurately predict the wear-out period. Products with a high MTBF will also wear out quickly.

  • Product Testing

Fronius undergoes a rigorous series of tests before introducing products to the market. The inverters must withstand humidity, ice salt, extreme temperatures, vibration, and impacts before delivery to the customer. 

An infrared camera, for instance, is used to monitor the cooling system’s endurance testing under various circumstances. Accelerated test procedures indicate if products can run for over two decades.

Can you Retrofit a Battery to the Fronius Galvo Solar Inverter?

Fronius Galvo is a microinverter used to convert DC current from solar panels into AC power. The Fronius Galvo can control multiple appliances such as air conditioners, fans, etc.

You can easily equipd a battery to your Fronius Galvo solar inverter by connecting it with a cable directly to the solar system. However, you should use a battery compatible with the system with a capacity over 20 Ah (20 A).

The following are the requirements for the battery:

  • It must be able to deliver the same amount of power as the inverter (e.g., 4 kW).
  • The battery should be able to handle high charging and discharging rates.
  • The device must withstand high voltage delivery from an inverter.
  • The battery should have sufficient capacity to not overcharge or discharge excessively during operation.
  • It should have a sealed system so that it cannot leak water or other chemicals into your house if it is damaged in any way.

Is the Fronius Galvo a High-Quality and Valuable Inverter? Our Opinion

To sum up, the Fronius Galvo is an excellent inverter with solid efficiency levels that can operate in many scenarios. You can use the Galvo to convert DC voltage into AC voltage or vice versa. Its incredible versatility for numerous applications is all down to its easy-to-use suite of features.

The Fronius Galvo is also very durable because of its high-quality composition. If you want to protect your equipment from damage, this inverter won’t break easily when it gets bumped against other objects or scratched by sharp debris.

Additionally, the price of this inverter is very reasonable, and its compatibility means that you can use your home appliances with ease and comfort. 

This is a device that delivers performance, reliability, and safety in one affordable package. It’s why we recommend it for residential use in Australia, as it’s an invaluable tool for increasing the potential yield of your solar systems. 

Another bonus for the Fronius inverter is the company’s established presence in Australia. Many residential and commercial solar installations now use inverters from the current Fronius SnapINverter series. 

Fronius has its Australian office in Melbourne, where customers can receive on-site service and technical assistance. Customers can also receive product demonstrations and training courses at the Melbourne branch. Their technical hotline also provides exceptional support for any servicing requirements. Faulty units can be fixed or replaced in no time.

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