The Fronius Eco 3-Phase 27 kW solar inverter can output 27 kW of AC power, making it suitable for large-scale installations. It’s packed with unique features such as built-in MPPT, Superflex design, an active cooling system, snap-in mounting system, and more.

There are several items to consider when purchasing a solar inverter. The device in question should naturally match your specific energy needs

But, it’s equally important to choose a brand based on its longevity, warranty period, and industry track record.

To that end, this Fronius Eco 3-Phase 27 kW review has all you need to know about this device, including its features, pricing, technical specs, and safety functions.

Read on to discover what makes these solar inverters so unique.

What is the Fronius Eco 3-Phase 27 kW?

The Eco 3-Phase 27 kW is a three-phase transformerless solar inverter that is excellent for large-scale commercial solar use.

The Eco inverters are designed by Fronius, one of the best global manufacturers of solar inverters. All Fronius devices, including the Eco 3-Phase 27 kW, are developed, engineered, and manufactured in Austria.

Fronius is relatively young in the solar industry, as it entered it in 1992. The company’s history in designing high-performance welding inverters made the expansion to solar inverter production laudable.

Initially, the company struggled to gain consumer confidence. The first Fronius solar inverter (Fronius Sunrise) and its follow-ups (IG inverters) failed to generate consumer interest.

However, Fronius changed the narrative in 2014 with the launch of its inverter line equipped with SnapINverter technology. The innovative snap-in design and other top features packed into these inverters immediately catapulted Fronius into the upper echelon solar industry.

The Eco is one of four solar inverter models with an innovative snap-in design. The others are Fronius Primo, Fronius Symo, and Fronius Galvo inverters.

It’s no surprise that the Eco 3-Phase 27 kW inverters are becoming increasingly popular; the series offers advanced communication options and unique features like integrated string fusing. Installation is painless since you won’t require string combiner boxes, thanks to the integrated double fuse holders and optional DC fuse.

The 3-Phase Eco comes in two power categories – 25.0 kW and 27.0 kW. So, the 27 kW-rated Eco under review is the larger of the two Fronius Eco inverters. 

The inverter is ideal for both indoor and outdoor installation. Installing the 3-Phase Eco is straightforward due to its lightweight nature and SnapINverter mounting system. The inverter series also sports an IP 66 protection class, one of its distinctive features.

Fronius Eco 3-Phase 27 kW Solar Inverter Technical Specifications 

The datasheet of the Eco 3-Phase 27kW inverter shows excellent input, output, and efficiency specifications, as shown below:

Input data Fronius Eco 3-Phase 27 kW
Number of MPPTs1
Maximum input current47.7 A
Maximum short circuit current 71.6 A
Feed-in start voltage 650 V
Maximum input voltage1000 V DC
Minimum input voltage580 V DC
MPP voltage range580 – 850 V
Number of DC connections 6
Output dataFronius Eco 3-Phase 27 kW
Rated power output27,000 W
Grid connection 3~NPE 400 / 230, 3~NPE 380 / 230
AC voltage range 150 – 275 V
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Frequency range 45 – 65 Hz
Efficiency Fronius Eco 3-Phase 27 kW
Max efficiency98.3%
European efficiency 98.0%
General DataFronius Eco 3-Phase 27 kW
ModelEco 27.0-3-S
ManufacturerFronius International GmbH
Dimensions (mm)725(H) x 510(W) x 225(D)
Net weight35.7 kg
Operating temperature range-25 to +60 °C
Permitted humidity 0 – 100%
Protection ClassIP66
CoolingRegulated air
Inverter designTransformerless
WarrantyFive years (five additional years when you register online via

What is the Fronius Eco 3-Phase 27 kW Solar Inverter’s Output Capacity?

The unit number of the Eco 3-Phase 27 kW solar inverter is Eco 27.0-3-S. As its naming suggests, the Fronius solar inverter has an output capacity of 27 kW. 

The Eco inverters are available in two power classes – 25 kW and 27 kW. The Eco 27.0-3-S with 27 kW output capacity is for those who desire a more powerful device.

The high output potential makes the Eco 3-Phase 27 kW inverter excellent for commercial or industrial solar projects. Either Fronius Eco inverter is sufficient for large-scale use, but if you have higher power requirements, we recommend the Eco 3-Phase 3-Phase 27 kW.

The Fronius Primo inverters and Fronius Galvo inverters work best in small-capacity solar systems. However, the Galvo single-phase transformerless inverters are widely used as replacement inverters, as they are perfect for retrofitting into older solar systems.

What is the Fronius Eco 3-Phase 27 kW Inverter’s Efficiency?

The maximum efficiency of the Eco 3-Phase 3-Phase 27 kW inverter is 98.3%, while its European efficiency is 98%.

These efficiency ratings indicate that the Eco inverter won’t waste the solar energy that your solar panels produce. Inverter efficiency is the percentage of DC electricity from the solar panels that the inverter converts to AC electricity for use in the home. 

Upper-tier inverters generally have an efficiency of about 95%, while high-end inverters have an efficiency of 95 – 98%. Thus, the Eco is one of the most efficient solar inverters.

The European efficiency of the inverters also makes for good reading since the maximum efficiency shows the performance of the inverter at optimal power. However, in the real world, inverters operate at optimal power output for only a portion of the day.

So, the European efficiency rating, which considers different power outputs in a day, is a better reflection of the performance of your inverter. That said, even when the power output isn’t optimal, the Fronius Eco still averages 98% efficiency.

How Many MPP trackers does the Fronius Eco 3-Phase 27 kW Solar Inverter have?

The Eco 3-Phase 27 kW inverters are single MPPT inverters. This means that the Eco inverters don’t feature dual MPPT inputs.

The Maximum Power Point (MPP) tracker helps optimise energy yield from solar panels. Your solar system will generate at the highest efficiency, as the MPPT can find the optimum combination of voltage and current across your solar panels.

The MPPT helps to increase the efficiency of Fronius inverters. For example, if a solar inverter has an efficiency of 97.8%, adding MPPT will push it to 99.9%. And just like with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), MPPT links with your battery inverter and solar panels to regulate your solar charge. This power conversion equipment optimises your battery and ensures high solar output

However, in a single MPP tracker, data collection for monitoring is based on the overall array input. So, single MPPT inverters like the Eco don’t allow much room for installation flexibility.

For example, a single MPPT inverter can only handle installations where the panels are facing the same direction. Thus, if your panels are placed on two sides of your roof, facing different directions, you’ll need two Eco inverters.

Does the Fronius Eco 3-Phase 27 kW Inverter come with an Internal DC Circuit Breaker?

The Eco 3-Phase 27 kW inverter includes a built-in DC circuit breaker. It’s a device that severs the connection between the inverter and the solar panels whenever there’s a problem. 

This DC circuit breaker protects the inverter from overcurrent problems. It’s a valuable safety mechanism that ensures the Eco inverter won’t suffer from a short lifespan

Fronius Eco 3-Phase 27 kW Key Features

The three-phase Eco 27 kW contains several useful features, making it an ideal solution for large-scale installations. These features include:

  • SnapINverter Technology. The innovative mounting system makes installation and maintenance of the Eco inverter simple.
  • Integrated Data Communication. It comes standard with WLAN and offers seamless internet connectivity via the Fronius Data manager.
  • Remote Monitoring with Solar Web. Wi-Fi functionality allows for remote inverter monitoring to detect faults. You can also monitor daily energy consumption remotely via the Fronius Solar Web.
  • Smart-grid Ready. This future-proof feature guarantees the inverter’s performance over the long term.
  • Dynamic Peak Manager. The Eco’s advanced MPP tracking makes it very shade tolerant.
  • Zero Feed-in Capability. The Eco includes a system that ensures compliance with maximum feed-in requirements.   
  • Active Cooling System. Unlike inverters that use natural convection for cooling, the Eco uses internal fans. The active cooling ensures that internal temperature is kept within operating limits, ensuring minimal power derating.

SnapINverter Technology

The Eco 3-Phase 27 kW has an innovative SnapINverter mounting system that makes installation and servicing a breeze. You’ll find that the connection compartment and the power stage set compartment aren’t located in the same unit. So, the installation occurs separately.

First, the installer attaches the connection area and all its cabling to the wall before installing the power stage set compartment. Afterwards, they secure the inverter in the wall bracket.

When it’s time for servicing, there’s no need to remove the entire Fronius solar inverter unit. Just remove the power stage set compartment, and you’re good to go. All the settings, cabling, and configurations remain in place.

Integrated Data Communication

Monitoring your solar system is child’s play with the Eco 3-Phase 27 kW. The Eco series features seamless internet connectivity via the Fronius Data manager. And best of all, no additional cabling is required.

Fronius is the first manufacturer to provide a WLAN interface on the inverter. Their Eco 3-Phase 27 kW inverter lets you see precisely how your PV system works.

The inverter also has a minimalistic display, which is a given as inverters transition to app-based monitoring. 

Remote Monitoring with Solar Web

Fronius Eco 3-Phase solution comes standard with Wi-Fi monitoring via the Fronius Solar Web. With the Fronius smart meter addition, you can easily monitor your daily energy generation and consumption.

This feature makes for a complete home energy monitoring system, as Fronius offers a free smartphone app for iOS and Android devices. The app has an intuitive UI which makes for easy use as it displays your current solar generation and estimated savings.

You also have the option of including the Fronius Ohmpilot, which allows you to automatically use excess solar energy from your solar panels to heat water. The Fronius app contains an analysis section where you can chart operating statistics such as string voltage, current, and grid voltage.

The Fronius Solar Web app allows you to access up to three days of consumption monitoring data. Still, you will need a premium subscription to access your fuel consumption and generation history.

Smart-grid Ready

The Eco 3-Phase 27 kW is noted for having a future-proof smart grid. Everything needed to meet the technical requirements of tomorrow’s smart grid is available in these solar inverters.

The inverter offers Advanced Grid Features, a series of smart functions built into the devices. They include control functions for optimum feed-in of effective and reactive power.

Thanks to these features, there are no yield losses and unwanted interruptions to feed-in with Fronius inverters. Grid operation is stable even when the PV system density is exceptionally high.

Eco 3-Phase inverters guarantee the yield of your PV system.

Dynamic Peak Manager

Fronius inverters come with a Dynamic Peak Manager that seamlessly adjusts to the most suitable operating point. This new MPP tracking algorithm automatically searches for the optimal range by regularly checking the entire characteristic curve.

With this unique feature, the Fronius solar inverter can find the Global Maximum Power Point (GMPP), even in partial shade.

Zero Feed-in Capability

You can expect optimum feed-in management with Eco 3-Phase inverters. This solution delivers a dynamic power reduction to keep your system output under the maximum energy feed-in allowed by the grid operator. Your solar inverter will supply your household with energy before reducing it accordingly.

Active Cooling System

Inverters consist of sophisticated power electronics that are easily damaged by heat. Reviews show that Fronius inverters perform flawlessly even when exposed to intense heat, thanks to their active cooling system. This ability is one of the most distinctive features of the Eco 3-Phase inverter.

Most solar inverters suffer from reduced performance as a result of overheating.

Fronius equipped their Eco 3-Phase solar inverters with fans to regulate air circulation and avoid hot spots within the inverter. This aspect is where the active cooling system shines, enabling continuous operation by keeping the temperature low at all times. The effective active cooling system also prevents severe power derating. 

The Fronius active cooling system improves the service life of the power electronics, as active cooling performs better than the standard passive cooling systems.

These sophisticated power systems can get slightly noisy. As the inverter’s internal temperature increases, the fan speed increases for effective cooling. The increase in fan speed also increases the noise

As a result, you may want to install the inverter a reasonable distance from your bedroom. However, the internal fan system is worth the minimalisation of thermal stress.

What is the Fronius Eco 3-Phase 27 kW Solar Inverter’s Warranty?

Fronius offers a more extended warranty than most inverter manufacturers on the market. The Eco 3-Phase inverter comes with a five-year warranty, with an additional five years warranty if you register on Solar web for free.

A lengthy product warranty is essential in an industry plagued by unreliable inverters. If you detect any issues with your Fronius inverter, you should contact a qualified installer and have them examine the issue. Fronius has a highly professional support team who are always willing to provide you with the best solution.

Should your solar installers encounter any issues with your inverter, they will liaise with the Fronius team to fix or replace the faulty inverter. The only fees you’ll need to pay during this time are to cover your installer’s consultation

Is the Fronius Eco 3-Phase 27 kW Solar Inverter Reliable? Is the Inverter Safe?

The Fronius Eco inverters are incredibly durable units. These inverters have passed some of the most comprehensive independent inverter reliability and safety tests.

For example, the Fronius inverters have consistently achieved excellent results in the PVEL test. To illustrate, in the comprehensive test, the Fronius Symo was the best performer in:

  • High-temperature operation,
  • Transient response, and
  • Ground and arc fault tests.

The Symo and Eco models feature the same technologies, so they are similar in terms of functionality. Thus, the Eco Fronius inverter similarly performs well in these tests. The Eco has been found to have safety mechanisms that effectively protect components against high temperatures and easily detect arc faults.

Is the Fronius Eco 3-Phase 27 kW Solar Inverter CEC-Approved?

The Eco inverter is listed on the CEC website as an approved inverter. The Clean Energy Council (CEC) is the body that regulates Australia’s solar industry.

One of its objectives is to improve standards in the industry. So, it rigorously tests solar inverters and maintains a list of those found reliable and safe. Since the Eco 3-Phase 27 kW inverter is CEC-approved, it’s safe for use in solar installations anywhere in Australia.

Using an approved inverter qualifies you for solar incentives like STCs. However, your system must also be installed by a certified solar installer like Nectr.

Can you Retrofit a Battery to the Fronius Eco 3-Phase 27 kW Solar Inverter?

The Fronius Eco inverters are solar inverters, not hybrid ones, so they are not “battery ready.” However, you can retrofit a battery to a solar system with the Fronius inverter by simply adding a battery inverter.

Hybrid inverters like the Fronius Symo Hybrid combine a solar and battery inverter. The solar inverter converts DC electricity produced by the panels into grid-compatible AC electricity for use in the house. In contrast, the battery inverter converts AC electricity to DC electricity for storage in the battery system.

Thus, when your system uses only a solar inverter like the Fronius Eco, it cannot convert AC power to DC power for storage in the battery. Thus, to add a battery to the system, you’ll need to include a separate battery inverter to form an AC-coupled system.

Is the Fronius Eco 3-Phase 27 kW a High-Quality and Valuable Inverter? Our Opinion

Fronius is undoubtedly a leading name in the solar industry and deserves its renown for manufacturing high-quality modern inverters. The Eco 3-Phase 27 kW continues the company’s trend of offering high-quality transformerless commercial inverters.

The Eco is a high-quality inverter that ticks every box of performance, reliability, and safety. It’s one of the reasons why these inverters have garnered a strong following in Australia. 

One unique feature of the Eco 3-Phase 27 kW inverters is the SnapINverter technology. This feature permits easy access when servicing the Fronius inverter. 

Other top markers of this 27 kW inverter include an active cooling system, built-in MPPT, wide operating voltage range, and more. This inverter range is setting standards with its full consumption monitoring.

The Eco 27 kW inverter is an invaluable tool for increasing the overall potential yield of your solar systems. 

Another bonus for the Fronius inverter is the company’s strong presence in Australia. The company’s Australian office is in Melbourne, where customers can get excellent service and technical assistance. They can also receive product demonstrations and training courses at the Melbourne branch. Their technical hotline also provides exceptional support for any servicing requirements. Faulty units can be fixed or replaced in no time.

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