Coming from one of the world’s largest solar photovoltaic and energy solutions providers, the Canadian Solar HiHero solar panel is an all-black, powerful PV module with a power output of up to 420 Watts that is capable of achieving an efficiency of up to 22.5%.

Canadian Solar has 17 solar PV module manufacturing facilities worldwide, and most of its manufacturing process takes place in Asia. The company has two manufacturing facilities in Canada. 

Canadian Solar has had a strong and dedicated local presence in Australia since 2011. With four offices in Australia: Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, customer support is available locally for warranty claims to ensure that customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Canadian Solar products include the HiKu series of 350-370 Watts, HiHero 405-430 Watts, and Biku 290-310 Watts.

Finding the best solar panels isn’t easy. You may get lost in the noise of how good a particular brand is without understanding its spec sheets. For residential consumers, choosing a panel depends on the conversion efficiency of the panel, cost, manufacturer warranty, high-temperature performance, or low-temperature coefficients.

Canadian Solar promises 25 years of product warranty and 30 years of standard warranty on the HiHero series. Considering budget and roof area limitations, what does this mean for you, a residential homeowner? An efficient panel will reduce your installation costs as you’ll require fewer solar PVs to generate power.

This article reviews the next-generation range of solar panels released by Canadian Solar, the HiHero solar panel; its range, durability (warranty), features, price, tech specs, performance, advantages, limitations, and compatibility with inverters.

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What is the Canadian Solar HiHero?

The HiHero is a Heterojunction solar cell-based PV Module with a power output of up to 420 W and an efficiency of up to 22.5%. Put simply, a solar panel is built by creating a sandwich of three different photovoltaic layers to achieve high efficiencies comparable to the best solar panels.


These solar modules promise to provide class-leading efficiency levels when converting sunlight into electrical charge. Heterojunction technology results from constant improvements in the design and materials used to manufacture solar panels to improve the efficiency of solar panels.

Due to the placement of the materials used in making this solar panel, crystalline silicon cell in between two thin-film silicone sheets, the energy yield is much higher than the module efficiency of solar PVs that use either technology alone. All three layers contribute to the conversion efficiency of the sunlight available into electrical charge.

Sunlight passes through the first thin film layer that generates some electricity before it filters to the two layers beneath it. The crystalline layer will capture some light, and any light that goes through will hit the last layer adding to the electricity generated.

On panels that utilise the glass-on-glass design, like the HiHero thin-film panels, the rear thin film layer will generate significant electricity due to light from beneath the panel.

These solar panels are mainly targeted for residential applications, as they generate respectable amounts of power while occupying a small footprint on your roof. That allows you to maximise the use of your roof area since you can now install a more extensive system on your roof than had been previously possible.

You generate more electricity and save on installation costs since you will need fewer solar panels.

Canadian Solar HiHero Solar Panel Range 

The HiHero range runs from 405 – 430 Watts. However, the 415 Watt version has two ranges, either 1000 or 1500 Volts, depending on the particular system needs. 

Canadian Solar’s HiHero breaks the 400 W ceiling, offering up to 430 W. The module power ranges from 405 W to 430 W in 5 W increments. Therefore, the HiHero has six variants according to their power output:

  • CS6R 405H-AG,
  • CS6R 410H-AG,
  • CS6R 415H-AG,
  • CS6R 420H-AG,
  • CS6R 425H-AG, and
  • CS6R 430H-AG.
Houses installed with Solar Panels

Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash


The only downside is the 84.8% downgraded performance after 25 years, which ranks the panels lower than other offerings above 92% performance after 25 years. If you decide to buy them, you must be connected to a reliable grid to supplement your power 25 years later.

Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash

Canadian Solar HiHero Solar Panel Technical Specifications 

Here are the Canadian Solar HiHero technical specifications, as detailed by the manufacturer:

General DataCanadian Solar HiHero
Solar Panel Type Monocrystalline 
Wattage Range (Wp)405 – 430 Watts
Modular EfficiencyUp to 22%
Number of Cells144 cells
Warranty25-year product warranty / 25-year performance warranty 
Frame Material Anodised aluminium alloy 
Leading Temperature Coefficient (Pmax)-0.26% / °C
Weight in Kg 23 kg 
Dimensions (L x W x H)1,727 x 1,134 x 35 mm 
Max System Voltage 1500 V (IEC) Or 1000 V (IEC) 
Encapsulate Yes
Add-onsBetter shading tolerance, heavy snow load up to 5,400 Pa, enhanced wind load up to 2400 Pa.


Monocrystalline solar panels have monocrystalline cells, which contain silicon wafers that are octagonally shaped for optimal sunshine absorption. The silicon nitride inhibits reflection for the solar panels to take in as much as possible. 

The power generated in Direct Current (DC) form is changed to Alternating Current (AC) by a solar inverter for use in the house.

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What is the Canadian Solar HiHero Solar Panel’s Power Output?

The HiHero series are high-efficiency solar panel modules with a power output range between 405 and 430 Watts, which maximises utilisation of the available roof space. 

What is the Canadian Solar HiHero Solar Panel’s Efficiency?

Canadian Solar HiHero modules achieve conversion efficiencies of up to 22.5%.

What is the Canadian Solar HiHero Solar Panel’s Temperature Coefficient? Will it Perform in Australian Weather?

The Canadian Solar HiHero has a rather low-temperature coefficient (Pmax): -0.26% / °C, which increases the electricity output even in the harsh Australian climate. When it comes to Pmax, a lower number is preferable because we want the electrical energy output to fall less as the temperature increases.

What is the Canadian Solar HiHero’s Country of Origin?

Canadian Solar is a solar manufacturing company founded in Canada but has manufacturing facilities in Canada and China. Like many other solar panels, HiHero modules are produced in China.

Will the Canadian Solar HiHero Look Good on My Home?

The HiHero panels have an all-black frame and sleek appearance, which is important for customers concerned about the aesthetics of their roof. This design is a refreshing alternative to older generation panels where function preceded form.

Customer desire for attractive photovoltaic systems is an influential selling point as more people consider installing solar panels on their roofs.

The HiHero solar panel uses a double glass design, which promises excellent reliability. 

Canadian Solar HiHero Solar Panel Key Features

The HiHero Solar panel’s main selling points are its cutting-edge cell technology and Canadian Solar’s experience in double glass module design. Canadian Solar’s HiHero panel results from over 30 months of dedicated research to develop and launch the product.

Its key features are as follows:

  • Heterojunction Technology

The Heterojunction solar cells combine two solar technologies in one cell. A crystalline silicon cell is sandwiched between two layers of a thin silicon film. When used in combination, these two features allow for more efficiency of the PV module than when using either technology alone.

  • High Performance

The module efficiency of up to 22%, a leading temperature coefficient rated at (Pmax) -0.26% / ˚C, increases energy yield even in hot conditions where other panels have reduced energy generation.

The HiHero panel also exhibits lower power degradation thanks to its heterojunction solar cells.

  • Bifacial Design

The HiHero series has a bifacial design, whose main benefit is that both sides of the solar cells can generate electricity from converted sunlight. That means the solar PV can achieve similar performance from both sides of the panel. All of this leads to greater energy capture, which is why these solar panels boast up to 22% efficiency.


This feature has the distinct benefit of helping the cells capture sunlight rays and contain them in the cell, preventing them from bouncing out to the front or being converted into heat when they hit the back wall. Please note that heat production decreases the performance and energy produced by solar panels.

  • Salt Mist Protection

Salt mist protection is very important for installations near the coastline, as the humid salty air will corrode panels without this feature. The module also features an extra raising bar for maximum mechanical strength and performance when the panel is installed.

  • Dependability

Anti-LeTID/Anti-PID performance is outstanding since there is NO-LID. There is also a 30-year performance warranty on the double glass module.

The panels can be used in areas close to the beach because of their enhanced resistance to salt mist. Still, installation guidelines require owners not to expose the solar panels to sulphur or salt to reduce the risk of corrosion.

What is the Canadian Solar HiHero Warranty?

Canadian Solar offers a robust HiHero series 25-year product warranty and 30-year linear power performance warranty. Canadian Solar expects these two guarantees will ease the customer’s mind when making purchase decisions.

Is the Canadian Solar HiHero a Tier 1 Solar Panel?

Canadian Solar is a tier 1 Chinese company and one of the world’s largest solar energy solution providers. As such, the Canadian Solar HiHero qualifies as a “Tier 1” solar panel manufactured to the highest standards.

Canadian Solar was listed on NASDAQ in 2008 and scores high on financial visibility. Its profits exceed $147 million, which is why many of its clientele are big chip companies that see value and quality in its panels. The high-quality reputation and high credibility ensure that solar panels are always available to consumers in Australia.

Is the Canadian Solar HiHero Solar Panel Safe and Reliable?

The HiHero is indeed a reliable solar panel. Aside from a quick turnaround on its Return On Investment, this solar panel is the result of supreme craftsmanship. Internal reliability tests show that the HiHero can withstand a heavy snow load of up to 5,400 Pa and a wind load of up to 2,400 Pa. 

Having 430 Watts per panel on a small rooftop offers great solar potential. You would only have to install a handful to comfortably meet your energy needs.

Canadian Solar HiHero was designed with NO-LID properties. That means they can start harnessing solar energy with electrical output even during the early hours of the morning.

Additionally, Canadian Solar constantly invests in research and development to update their solar panels build and tech. In 2020, the company broke its record in high efficiency by improving from 22.8% to 23.81%.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Canadian Solar HiHero

As you may have gathered so far, the HiHero series is full of advantageous features with very few real downsides.

Photo by Bill Mead on Unsplash

Canadian Solar tested the panels in Australia, so the company understands the needs of its Australian customer base and the extreme weather conditions across the country.

In terms of warranty, the longer, the better. HiHero promises 25 years product and 30 years performance warranty on its double glass modules.

The HiHero series is power-packed. The No BO-LID (Light Induced Degradation) and excellent anti-LeTID & anti-PID performance ensure low power degradation and high energy yield.

Heterojunction cells also have a substantially better shadow tolerance than monocrystalline or thin-film cells.

Additionally, the HiHero panels are more reliable. The modular quality decreases micro-crack impacts and can withstand large snow loads up to 5,400 Pa and wind stress up to 2,400 Pa.

Lastly, the HiHero panels are environment-friendly as they reduce carbon emissions and increase the output of renewable solar power.

On the other hand, the fact that the performance warranty is far below the 92% and above promised by competitors is the main disadvantage of this panel. The manufacturer promises at least 84.8% electrical output after 25 years, but this may not be a satisfactory figure for some consumers.

Canadian Solar HiHero Installation

The guidelines to follow for installing the modules are outlined in the installation manual.

Some rules include:

  • Do not install where facing a strong wind.
  • Ensure the connectors are protected from water ingress when installing the solar module in rain or early dew.
  • Do not install if any of the panels are broken.
  • Do not attempt to repair them; they do not include serviceable parts.
  • Use insulated tools to avoid electric shock.
  • Avoid contact with water when installing, and so forth.

With your home’s safety in mind, always be sure to employ the services of Clean Energy Council-approved solar installers

Canadian Solar HiHero Compatibility with Inverters

Due to current values of under 14 A, Canadian Solar claims that their panels’ electrical characteristics are compatible with the majority of solar inverters now available. Canadian Solar even has its own solar inverter. 

Click here for more details on how to choose the right inverter.

Is the Canadian Solar HiHero Solar Panel Worth it for Your Home? Our Opinion

There are plenty of factors to consider when deciding which solar panel is suitable for your home, and the Canadian Solar HiHero will fill the niche required by many consumers. 

The HiHero panels are a terrific value proposition because you gain so much for spending so little. Canadian Solar was named the best module supplier for quality and performance/price ratio in the IHS Module Customer Insight Survey. Since 2001, the company has built more than 55 GW of solar modules worldwide.

Additionally, the HiHero series delivers an admirable 22% conversion if we were to focus on efficiency standards alone.

Canadian Solar also has an extensive dealer network in Australia. With four offices, local support teams and sales personnel on hand, customers are sure of support in before-sale logistics and after-sale follow-up.

Read this guide if you can’t decide whether your house is suitable for solar. 

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