The Q Cells BLK G10 solar panel is packed with innovative Q.ANTUM DUO technology and features cutting-edged cell interconnection between its rows of monocrystalline cells. The G10 module has a power output of 405 watts and uses Q Cells’ zero-gap cell array to boost the module efficiency up to 21.4%.

The selection of solar modules in the market has never been greater, and the Q Cells BLK G10 solar panel provides the best quality for commercial and domestic use. These devices are purposely built for maximum sunlight absorption. These solar modules combine optimum yield potential with the ever-exceptional Q Cells quality.

This article contains everything you need to know about the Q Cell G10 Solar Panel. We will review its features, technical specs, pricing, and aesthetic value.

So sit back and relax as we make the switch to green energy solutions effortless for you!

What is the Q Cells BLK G10?

Q Cells BLK G10 solar panels are monocrystalline thin-film panels built by US-Canadian firm Hanwha Q Cells Co. Ltd, a top PV module and energy solutions manufacturer globally with manufacturing facilities in China, Malaysia, South Korea, and the United States.

The BLK G10 modules have a solar power output of 405 watts and up to 21.4% module efficiency.

Q Cells BLK G10 Solar Panel Range

Based on power output, the Q Cells BLK G10 generation is available in sizes from 385 W to 405 W. Q Cells’ photovoltaic solar modules are designed for residential, commercial, and utility-scale applications.

Here’s a list of variants in the Q Cells BLK G10 series:

  • Q.Peak DUO BLK ML G10+ (solar capacity of 405 watts),
  • Q.Peak DUO ML G10+ (solar capacity of 415 watts), and
  • Q.Peak DUO G10 (solar capacity of 380 watts).

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Q Cells BLK G10 Solar Panel Technical Specifications

The BLK-G10’s datasheet reveals its performance potential and high-quality technical specs.

Below is a general data summary of the panel:

General Data
Format74.0 in × 41.1 in × 1.26 in (including frame) (1.879 m × 1.045 m × 0.032 m)
Weight48.5 lbs (22.0 kg)
Front Cover0.13 in (0.032 m) thermally pre-stressed glass with anti-reflection technology
Junction Box2.09-3.98 in × 1.26-2.36 in × 0.59-0.71 in (0.053-0.101 m × 0.032-0.060 m × 0.015-0.018 m), IP67, with bypass diodes
Cell6 × 22 monocrystalline Q.ANTUM solar half-cells
Cable4 mm² Solar cable; (+) ≥ 49.2 in (1.250 m), (−) ≥ 49.2 in (1.250 m)
Cell Technology156 Half-cell Mono-PERC 
Nominal Power570 ~ 585 Wp
Wind/Snow Load 2,400 / 5,400 Pa

What is the Q Cells BLK G10 Solar Panel’s Power Output?

The power output of BLK G10 solar panels is 405 watts.

The maximum system voltage is 1000 IEC / 1000 UL. The power tolerance of +5 W / -0 W increases the efficacy.

The efficacy of the solar electricity of G10 solar panels can be explained as follows:

  • Max Power Voltage (VMPP) 37.39 V,
  • Max Power Current (IMPP) 10.83 A, and
  • A Linear 23-Year Output Warranty.

The nominal power percentage in the first year is 98%, and in 25 years, it drops marginally to about 86%.

What is the Q Cells BLK G10 Solar Panel’s Efficiency?

Breaking the efficiency barrier of 18%, the company ensures the power conversion efficiency of the Q cells G10 solar modules is up to 21.4%. The zero-gap in solar cells provides high efficiency and superior yield.

What is the Q Cells BLK G10 Solar Panel’s Temperature Coefficient? Will it Perform Well in Australian Weather?

The compatibility with the Australian climate (maxing out at 50 degrees Celsius in summertime) is 100%.

The P (MPP) temperature coefficient for Q Cells BLK G10 Solar panels is -0.34 % / °C. The ISC temperature coefficient is +0.04 % / °C.

The temperature required to initiate operation is approximately 43 °C.

What is the Q Cells BLK G10 Solar Panels’ Country of Origin?

G10 Solar panels are manufactured globally by Q Cells, a US-Canadian company. However, the company was initially formed in Germany in 1999.

The company expanded to Australia, Korea, and other countries. Its mission is to provide sustainable development solutions, discover new technologies, and help solve energy problems brought about by climate change.

Will the Q Cells BLK G10 Solar Panel Look Good on My Home?

The BLK G10 will look stunning on your roof!

Black G10 solar cells are designed with appearance in mind. The black glass cover (3.2 mm) with anti-reflection technology and anodised aluminium coating combine to provide elegance to the panels.

These efficient photovoltaic solar panels are also space-friendly. They can be installed on the roof or in any open space where sunlight can approach easily.

The total weight of Q cells BLK G10 Solar panels is just 22.0 kg.

Q Cells BLK G10 Solar Panel Key Features

Q Cells BLK G10 modules have some great additions that set them apart from the crowd:

  • Reliability: The panels have up to 0.5% lower degradation rate for long-term yields.
  • Anti LID and Anti PID technologies: The Hot-Spot Protect and Traceable Quality Tra.Q™ with improved shading tolerance are cherries on the top.
  • Mainstream inverter compatibility: This gives you more control over your module.
  • Weather tolerance: Optimal yields in any weather can be achieved with excellent low-light and temperature tolerance.
blue solar panels

What is the Q Cells BLK G10’s Warranty?

The full Q Cells BLK G10 solar panel’s efficient working warranty is 25 years, and material durability is 12 years.

Companies like Q Cells often provide two types of warranty:

  • A 12-year limited warranty on the product, and
  • A 25-year limited performance warranty.

The warranty start date is the day after your installer first installs the products. The manufacturers calculate the warranty period based on calendar years.

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Is the Q Cells BLK G10 a Tier 1 Solar Panel?

The Q Cells BLK G10 is a Tier 1 solar PV. Manufacturers test these products for harsh climatic ranges across the world.

The brand ensures that its quality products can withstand the Australian climate. The panels’ performance is never compromised for customers over extreme weather conditions.

Is the Q Cells BLK G10 a CEC-Approved Panel?

Clean Energy Council accredits Q Cells BLK G10 solar panels – it meets all the required safety standards within Australia. However, we need to have environmentally friendly maintenance for the PV solar panels.

Is the Q Cells BLK G10 Safe and Reliable?

The BLK G10 series is as safe as possible, with the utmost reliability. Q Cells have gone to extreme lengths to minimise risk through their cutting-edge research and development.

The company performs stress tests for a solar system per IEC TS 63209. These tests determine the reliability and endurance of the panels.

Q Cells solar cells undergo 600 cycles with temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +85 °C within 15 weeks. This is three times harder than the IEC test TC 200 and ensures the highest safety standards. Solar systems fitted with genuine Q cell BLK G10 panels prevent all kinds of fire risks.

In the past, there were occasional reports about fire outbursts due to improperly installed photovoltaic systems. Thus, ensure that all associated components are compatible when installing your module.

Avoid exposure to salts or sulphur to limit the risk of explosion.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Q Cells BLK G10

Installing a BLK G10 Solar Module can reap terrific benefits.

Here’s an overview of the main advantages:

  • Efficiency barrier breakage: The Q.ANTUM Technology combined with a zero-spaced solar cell increases the efficiency of the batteries up to 21.4%
  • Rigorous testing program: Q Cells is the world’s first PV module manufacturer to achieve the industry’s detailed quality program requirements. It has been tried, testified, and has earned product certifications, including the new “Quality Controlled PV” from the independent certification institute TV Rheinland.
  • Innovative technology: The latest Anti-LID Technology and Anti-PID Technology can produce maximum output, despite low sunlight and varying temperature ranges.
  • Extreme weather resistance: Its high-tech aluminium frames can endure high snow (5,400 Pa) and wind (4,000 Pa) loads.
  • Extensive coverage: The product is backed by a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year linear performance warranty.
  • Sleek appearance: The black-coloured, thin-film panel has outer protective glass that adds a subtle style to the design. 
  • Better shading tolerance: This panel can be placed wherever there is the optimum supply of light.

But there are some disadvantages too:

  • Expenditure: Recent price hikes have dramatically increased the expenses for installing a Q Cells G10 solar system.
  • Improper installation: Not all houses can get the optimum benefits of solar systems. The installation requires an excellent open area with rich sunlight.

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solar panels on brown field under white clouds during daytime

Q Cells BLK G10 Installation

For Australian homeowners, the length and width of each Q Cell G10 solar panel system are 74.0 m and 41.1 m. Each installed cell occupies about 1.96 m^2 of area.

The installation plan is straightforward and thoroughly outlined in the installation manual. It contains all the instructions for safe installation and operation. However, the installation must be performed by a professional.

The entire process generally takes 1-2 days for medium-sized homes. However, the time can vary depending on your location, roof setting, and house size.

As a proud Q Cells partner, you can always find a certified Q Cells solar panel installer on Nectr.

Q Cells BLK G10 Compatibility with Inverters

A three-phase string inverter of 255 kW is compatible with the Q Cell BLK G10 solar system.

Here are the key figures once the inverter is installed:

  • Maximum efficiency of 99.0%,
  • CEC efficiency of 98.5%,
  • Fourteen MPPTs to achieve higher system performance, and
  • PLC/RS-485 multiple communication modes for flexible monitoring.

Is the Q Cells BLK G10 Worth it for Your Home? Our Opinion

Q Cell BLK G10 solar modules are the best solar panels for increasing the market value of your property.

Using the latest PV module outfitted with Q.ANTUM DUO technology can significantly improve your house’s net worth.

The surplus electrical energy you produce could also be sold to the SEG (Solar Energy Grant). This is a terrific way of earning income through solar rebates.

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