The BiHiKu7 solar panel series is a Tier 1 PV module produced by Canadian Solar. These panels have an output of up to 665 W, efficiency above 20% and an increased lifespan due to Canadian Solar’s Advanced Regeneration Technology. They are best suited for utility-scale installations but could be used in residential solar systems with limited roof space.

Canadian Solar (CSI Solar Co., Ltd.) is a solar company committed to providing high-quality battery storage solutions, solar energy, and solar PV modules. Its Australian headquarters in Melbourne is home to many high-performing solar panels and batteries. The company also has warehouses in Brisbane, Perth, and Sydney.

Founded in 2001 by Dr Shawn Qu, Canadian Solar has more than 14,000 employees and over 500 engineers and researchers. The company produced over 8.5 GW of solar panels in 2019, which caused BloombergNEF to name them the ‘most bankable” manufacturers. Currently ranked as one of the world’s top six solar panel manufacturers, CSI Solar Co. has a 500 MW manufacturing facility in Canada. 

Canadian Solar is one of the top solar companies globally, thanks to its long history of success in the industry. The company is a prominent supplier of affordable PV modules for residential and commercial applications. Their BiHiKu7 solar panel features the latest PV cell technologies and is among the market’s most efficient, budget-friendly solutions

This review delves deep into the Canadian Solar’s BiHiKu7 solar panel.

Read on to discover the features it offers, pricing information, as well as its advantages and limitations.

What is the Canadian Solar BiHiKu7?


The Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 is a powerful panel produced by Canadian Solar. It has a peak efficiency of 21.4% and a maximum front size power of 665 W. These bifacial series are a force to reckon with thanks to various technologies, including 210 mm half-cut PERC cells with multiple busbars. They generate electricity from sunlight on both surfaces (front and rear).

The BiHiKu7 series use poly MBB solar cells in a highly efficient zero-gap cell configuration to achieve maximum solar panel efficiency.

Like other big-name manufacturers, Canadian Solar aims to develop larger format, high-performance solar panels for utility-scale solar farms. The BiHiKu7 module can significantly increase energy efficiency compared to a conventional (monofacial) solar panel system. 

It actively raises the overall production efficiency of the photovoltaic system by utilising both surfaces for producing solar power. Canadian Solar’s BiHiKu7 solar panels are cost-effective and excellent for utility-scale, residential, and commercial solar systems.


Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 Solar Panel Range


The BiHiKu7 solar panel range breaks the 600 W ceiling with 665 W max capacity. The module output ranges from 640 W to 670 W, in 5 W increments. As a result, there are six BiHiKu7 variants according to their power output:

  • BiHiKu7 CS7N-640MB-AG (640 W),
  • BiHiKu7 CS7N-645MB-AG (645 W),
  • BiHiKu7 CS7N-650MB-AG (650 W),
  • BiHiKu7 CS7N-655M-AG (655 W),
  • BiHiKu7 CS7N-660MB-AG (660 W), and
  • BiHiKu7 CS7N-665MG-AG (665 W).

Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 Solar Panel Technical Specifications

The technical specifications of the BiHiKu7 are some of the best you’ll find in any PV module.

The datasheet below provides an overview of its powerful design specs:

Mechanical DataBiHiKu7 Solar Panel
Cell TypeMonocrystalline
FrameAnodised aluminium alloy
Dimensions (H x W x D)2384 ˣ 1303 ˣ 35 mm (93.9 ˣ 51.3 ˣ 1.38 in)
Cell Arrangement132 [2 x (11 x 6)]
Weight37.9 kg (83.6 lbs)
Back Glass2.0 mm heat-strengthened glass
Front Glass2.0 mm heat-strengthened glass with antireflective coating
J-BoxIP68, 3 bypass diodes
Cable Length (Including Connector)460 mm (18.1 in) (+) / 340 mm (13.4 in) (-) or customised length*
Cable4.0 mm² (IEC), 10 AWG (UL)
ConnectorT4 series or MC4-EVO2
Per Container(40′ HQ) 527 pieces or 465 pieces (only for the US)
Per Pallet31 pieces
Electrical DataBiHiKu7 Solar Panel
Operating Temperature-40°C ~ +85°C
Max. System Voltage1500 V (IEC/UL) or 1000 V (IEC/UL)
Module Fire PerformanceTYPE 29 (UL 61730) or CLASS C (IEC61730)
Max. Series Fuse Rating35 A
Application ClassificationClass A
Power Bifaciality*70 %
Power Tolerance0 ~ + 10 W
Temperature CharacteristicsBiHiKu7 Solar Panel
Temperature Coefficient (Pmax)-0.34 % / °C
Temperature Coefficient (Isc)0.05 % / °C
Temperature Coefficient (Voc)-0.26 % / °C
Nominal Module Operating Temperature41 ± 3°C

* For detailed information, please contact your local Canadian Solar sales and technical

What is the Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 Solar Panel’s Power Output?

The BiHiKu7 series are high-efficiency modules with a peak power output of 665 W.

What is the Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 Solar Panel’s Efficiency?

BiHiKu7 modules achieve conversion efficiencies of up to 21.6%.

What is the Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 Solar Panel’s Temperature Coefficient? Will it Perform in Australian Weather?

The BiHiKu7 modules have a Pmax temperature coefficient of -0.34% / ℃.

These bifacial modules are unaffected by poor weather. If one side is affected, the other continues to operate as usual. They boast enhanced shading tolerance and excellent hotspot performance. With a 40 °C lower hotspot temperature, these solar panels have a low module failure rate and perform well in Australian weather. 

What is the Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 Solar Panels’ Country of Origin?

The BiHiKu7 solar panels are produced in China

The name can confuse people who think the solar panels will be manufactured in Canada. Most of the solar panels from this manufacturer are actually Chinese-manufactured. Canadian Solar still operates manufacturing plants in Canada, but their solar panels are typically deployed to other countries.

Will the Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 Look Good on My Home?

The Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 module features an attractive design that holds more visual appeal than most conventional modules. The solar panels won’t take much space on your rooftop and won’t alter the overall design of your house. 

Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 Solar Panel Key Features

The Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 solar panel has such noteworthy features as PERC technology, 50% lower degradation LID / LeTID mitigation, a 210 mm wafer, 132 / 120 dual cell, and more. It is highly efficient, thanks to the energy-producing capacity of both solar module sides.

  • Bifacial Module Capacity up to 665 W

Canadian Solar’s BiHiKu7 solar panels feature a 210 mm wafer and 132 / 120 dual cell. Its PERC technology allows it to produce more solar power than conventional solar panels. With extra layers on the solar panels, some sunlight reflects into the solar cell, where they convert into electrical energy.

The BiHiKu7 solar panel features a front side power of up to 665 W. It can provide 25.7% more energy yield in its lifetime. Traditional solar systems (monofacial panels) require more modules than bifacial panels, which can generate electricity on both sides.

The BiHiKu7 solar panels offer higher electrical output and lower system costs. They are compatible with mainstream trackers and inverters.

  • Enhanced Reliability

Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 features up to 50% lower degradation LID / LeTID mitigation. Unlike conventional solar panels, these bifacial modules are not affected by bad weather. If one side is affected, the other side continues to work.

The BiHiKu7 solar panel has enhanced shading tolerance and excellent hotspot performance. It is highly efficient regardless of the angle of installation. With a 40 °C lower hotspot temperature, these solar panels have a low module failure rate.

Canadian Solar’s BiHiKu7 has a wind load capacity of 2,400 Pa and a heavy snow load capacity of up to 5,400 Pa. It minimises micro-crack impacts.

  • Weather-resistant

In 2012, Canadian Solar announced that its modules passed the most stringent salt corrosion test. The Salt Mist Corrosion test applies to equipment or components that withstand a salt-laden atmosphere. Canadian Solar’s BiHiKu7 can also withstand wind pressure and temperature-induced degradation

With both sides covered with tempered glass, these solar panels are UV resistant, weather-resistant, and can withstand extreme cold and hot conditions. They have an excellent shield against bad weather conditions.

The modules come with a 10-year performance warranty, and all panels are ideal for installation anywhere in Australia. You can rest assured that durability is not an issue with certified corrosion-resistant BiHiKu7 solar panels. These modules are excellent for residential, commercial and utility-scale applications.

They are frameless and offer more durability than many competing models. You can expect a longer lifespan from the BiHiKu7 solar panels.

What is the Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 Solar Panel’s Warranty?

Canadian Solar’s BiHiKu7 comes with a 12-year product warranty on materials and workmanship. You’ll also receive a 30-year linear power output warranty per the applicable Canadian Solar Limited Warranty Statement. 

Moreover, the series offers a 10-year performance warranty, and all panels are ideal for installation anywhere in Australia.

Is the Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 a Tier 1 Panel?

Yes, the Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 is a Tier 1 Panel. This means the solar panel manufacturer has great experience in solar production, invests in research and development of solar panels, uses advanced technologies to ensure they deliver high-quality products, and it’s the sole responsibility of the production process to guarantee full quality control. 

Is the Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 a CEC-Approved Panel?

Yes. Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 solar panels are approved by the CEC (Clean Energy Council), making them a suitable choice and safe investment for anyone interested in going solar. 

Is the Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 Solar Panel Safe and Reliable?


Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 solar panels are highly durable and secure devices. The company’s reliability assurance program features a series of testing, including reliability, mechanical, and component-level testing for service life. Canadian Solar’s BiHiKu7 modules can withstand a heavy snow load of up to 2400 Pa and a wind load of 2400 Pa. 

Using Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 solar panels is an excellent investment as they are more efficient than many competing solutions on the market. They are strong enough to withstand strong winds and heavy snow.

Both sides of these solar panels can produce electrical energy from sunlight, so you don’t have to worry about the installation angle.

The BiHiKu7 solar panel thrives on any rooftop, no matter the level of complexity. Expect high-efficiency levels even in bad weather. With a 40 °C lower hotspot temperature, these solar panels have a low module failure rate.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Canadian Solar BiHiKu7

The advantages of the Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 solar panel are as follows:

  • A terrific 25-year performance and product warranty. This warranty is more comprehensive than what you get from conventional solar PV modules. Canadian Solar offers up to 30 years of linear power output warranty for BiHiKu7 solar panels.
  • It provides maximum efficiency since both sides can produce electricity. Your solar system will work optimally even when dealing with bad weather or shading issues. 
  • Its tempered glass coating provides more durability than many competing solutions. It offers better protection against hail storms and other harmful climate conditions.
  • The installation angle won’t be a concern as the BiHiKu7 solar modules can produce electric energy on both sides. It’s unnecessary to install them at a particular angle for more efficiency. Also, with both faces producing electricity, you’ll require fewer panels to meet your energy needs.
  • The panels will occupy minimal space on your rooftop. The Canadian Solar BiHiKu7’s sleek design is both fashionable and functional.

There are some disadvantages associated with the Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 modules, as listed below:

  • They require specialised equipment.
  • They are relatively heavier than traditional panels.
  • Installation costs may be higher.

Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 Installation


Handling and installing Canadian Solar PV modules requires professional skills. Feel free to consult our solar experts who can provide the best experience for your solar installation. Only licensed electricians should carry out module installation per the applicable electrical codes, including national or international electrical regulations.

The installation process for Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 is relatively straightforward for any licensed professional. 

Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 Compatibility with Inverters

Like other bifacial solar panels, the BiHiKu7 will perform well with a string solar inverter. For example, Huawei Sun2000 string inverters are an excellent solution thanks to their compatibility with these solar modules. 

When sunlight shines unevenly on the rear side of the bifacial solar panels, Huawei Sun2000 inverters can significantly reduce the mismatch loss thanks to their MPPT tracking system. You’ll have a solar PV system of high efficiency. Our solar experts can help you choose the perfect inverter for your solar panels.

String inverter technology quickly identifies errors and issues in a module. High-efficiency solar string inverters improve your solar PV system in terms of its basic performance and reliability.

Is the Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 Solar Panel Worth it for Your Home? Our Opinion

With its futuristic plans and long-standing success in the solar industry, it is no surprise that Canadian Solar is among the most popular solar brands today. The company has been around for several decades, making it a reliable solar manufacturer.

Thanks to its efficiency ratings, the BiHiKu7 range is ideal for property owners with limited rooftop space. These bifacial modules can function optimally even in bad weather, and the installation angle won’t be a concern. When it comes to temperature coefficients, the BiHiKu7 is one of the best solar panels.

What’s more, Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 solar modules have a 12-year product warranty and a 30-year linear output warranty. They serve as an excellent choice for commercial or utility-scale solar installations.

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