The BiHiKu6 Solar Panel is a bifacial solar panel with a powerful dual cell module up to 585 W and a peak conversion efficiency of 29.5% manufactured by Canadian Solar. It can absorb sunlight from the top and bottom solar panels, yielding electrical energy more efficiently than its peers. 

This solar panel system is an excellent choice for those seeking a cost-effective bifacial solar system. 

BiHiKu6 Solar Panel is produced by Canadian Solar, one of the leading solar panel manufacturers in the world. It has delivered high solar panel quality worldwide for over 20 years. The company operates worldwide with more than two manufacturing facilities and offices in more than 20 countries, including Australia. 

Since bifacial solar panels are gaining popularity for their efficiency and affordability, it’s worth researching the product and the manufacturer to ensure that you purchase the solar panels that meet your exact requirements. 

In this article, we’ll examine Canadian Solar BiHiKu6 Solar Panel, specifically its:

  • Prices and Technical Specifications.
  • Key Features.
  • Advantages and Disadvantages. and
  • Installation and Compatibility with Solar Inverters.

Let’s jump right in!

What is the Canadian Solar BiHiKu6?

Canadian Solar BiHiKu6 is a bifacial solar panel with a high-power dual cell module of up to 585 W and maximum conversion efficiency of up to 29.5%. It features Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact (PERC) technology to capture sunlight even on the rear part of the solar panel. 

The Canadian Solar BiHiKu series is best suited for but not limited to utility-scale or large-scale commercial ground projects. It features a 182 mm wafer with 144 dual cells. 

The front module outputs 545 W but can increase up to 550 W. Canadian Solar’s BiHiKu solar panel has a module efficiency of 21.4% and 29.5% energy yield in the product’s lifetime. 

Canadian Solar BiHiKu6 Solar Panel Range

The BiHiKu6 breaks the 500 W ceiling, offering up to 550 W. The module power ranges from 520 W to 550 W in 5 W increments.

Thus, the BiHiKu6 has seven variants according to their maximum power output:

  • CS7N 520 MS,
  • CS7N 525 MS,
  • CS7N 530 MS,
  • CS7N 535 MS,
  • CS7N 540 MS,
  • CS7N 545 MS, and
  • CS7N 550 MS

Canadian Solar BiHiKu6 Solar Panel Technical Specifications

Here are the technical specifications from the datasheet of the Canadian Solar BiHiKu6 solar panel:

Cell TypeMonocrystalline
Cell Arrangement144 [2 x (12 x 6)]
Dimensions2,266 x 1,134 x 35 mm (89.2 x 44.6 x 1.38 in)
Weight32.2 kg (71.0 lbs)
Front Glass2.0 mm heat-strengthened glass with anti-reflective coating
Back Glass2.00 mm heat-strengthened glass
FrameAnodised aluminium alloy
J-BoxIP68, three bypass diodes
Cable4.0 mm2 (IEC), 12 AWG (UL)
Cable Length (Including Connector)410 mm (16.1 in) (+) / 290 mm (11.4 in) (-) or customised length*
ConnectorT4 series or MC4-EVO2
Per Pallet30 pieces
Per Container (40′ HQ)600 pieces or 540 pieces (only for the US)

*Please contact your local Canadian Solar sales and technical representatives for detailed information. 

Meanwhile, here is the electrical data gathered under Standard Test Conditions (STC) of irradiance of 1000 W/m2 spectrum AM 1.5, and 250 C cell temperature:

BiHiKu6 ModelBifacial
Gain **
Nominal Max. Power (Pmax)Opt. Operating Voltage (Vmp)Opt. Operating Current (Imp)Open
Circuit Voltage (Voc)
Circuit Current
Module Efficiency
CS6W-520MB-AG520 W40.5 V12.84 A48.4 V13.70 A20.2%
5%546 W40.5 V13.48 A48.4 V14.39 A21.2%
10%572 W40.5 V14.12 A48.4 V15.07 A22.3%
20%624 W40.5 V 15.41 A48.4 V16.44 A24.3%
CS6W-525MB-AG525 W40.7 V12.90 A48.6 V13.75 A20.4%
5%551 W40.7 V13.55 A48.6 V14.44 A21.4%
10%578 W40.7 V14.21 A48.6 V15.13 A22.5%
20%630 W40.7 V15.48 A48.6 V16.50 A24.5%
CS6W-530MB-AG530 W40.9 V12.96 A48.8 V13.80 A20.6%
5%557 W40.9 V13.62 A48.8 V14.49 A21.7%
10%583 W40.9 V14.26 A48.8 V15.18 A22.7%
20%636 W40.9 V15.55 A48.8 V16.56 A24.8%
CS6W-535MB-AG535 W41.1 V13.02 A49.0 V13.85 A20.8%
5%562 W41.1 V13.68 A49.0 V14.54 A21.9%
10%589 W41.1 V14.34 A49.0 V15.24 A22.9%
20%642 W41.1 V15.62 A49.0 V16.62 A25.0%
CS6W-540MB-AG540 W41.3 V13.08 A49.2 V13.90 A21.0%
5%567 W41.3 V13.73 A49.2 V14.60 A22.1%
10%594 W41.3 V14.39 A49.2 V15.29 A23.1%
20%648 W41.3 V15.70 A 49.2 V16.68 A25.2%
CS6W-545MB-AG545 W41.5 V13.14 A49.4 V13.95 A21.2%
5%572 W41.5 V13.80 A49.4 V14.65 A22.3%
10%600 W41.5 V14.46 A49.4 V15.35 A23.3%
20%652 W41.5 V15.77 A 49.4 V16.74 A25.5%
CS6W-550MB-AG550 W41.7 V13.20 A49.6 V14.00 A21.4%
5%578 W41.7 V13.87 A49.6 V14.70 A22.5%
10%605 W41.7 V14.52 A49.6 V15.40 A23.5%
20%660 W41.7 V15.84 A49.6 V16.80 A25.7%
**The bifacial gain shown refers to the additional energy gain from the back part of the panel compared to the front side under the standard test condition. The additional gain depends on the mounting (height, structure, tilt angle, etc.) and ground albedo.

What is the Canadian Solar BiHiKu6 Solar Panel’s Power Output?

The BiHiKu6 series are high-efficiency solar panel modules with a maximum power output of 550 W.  

What is the Canadian Solar BiHiKu6 Solar Panel’s Efficiency?

BiHiKu6 modules achieve conversion efficiencies of up to 21.4% and 29.5% energy yield in their lifetime. Considering that highly efficient panels boast conversion efficiency starting at 19%, we can confidently state this is a very productive solar module.

What is the Canadian Solar BiHiKu6 Solar Panel’s Temperature Coefficient? Will it Perform in Australian Weather?

The BiHiKu6 modules come with a Temperature Coefficient (Pmax) of -0.34 % / °C.

Bifacial modules are unaffected by meteorological conditions. If one side faces an issue, the other side continues to function. BiHiKu6’s Nominal Module Operating Temperature is 41 ± 3 °C, which means it will perform well in Australian weather, as the temperature can be as high as 33.3 °C.

What is the Canadian Solar BiHiKu6’s Country of Origin?

While BiHiKu6’s manufacturer, Canadian Solar, is fully registered in Canada, it has manufacturing facilities in both Canada and China. The company has established the majority of its facilities on the Chinese mainland. As a result, most of its solar panels are produced in China.

Will the Canadian Solar BiHiKu6 Look Good on My Home?

The Canadian BiHiKu6 series incorporate the latest cutting-edge module designs with a sleek all-black appearance that won’t alter your house’s style in any way.

Canadian Solar BiHiKu6 Solar Panel Key Features

Here are the key features of the Canadian Solar BiHiKu6 solar panel, one of the best solar panels in the market:

  • More Powerful than Traditional Modules

As it can absorb sunlight on both sides of the panel, the Canadian Solar BiHiKu6 solar panel offers a 29.5% higher energy yield than traditional ones. The electrical data above also shows how sunlight absorbed from the back part of the panel can significantly increase solar power and the panels’ energy efficiency and electrical output.  

The 144 monocrystalline dual cell with PERC technology also contributes to the BiHiKu6’s efficiency. Unlike polycrystalline and thin-film panels, monocrystalline cells contribute to not only the solar panels’ power and efficiency but also their longevity.  

  • Cost-effectiveness

Canadian Solar BiHiKu6 offers terrific value for money, especially for utility power plants, because it lowers the Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE) up to 12.3% and lowers system cost to 5.2%. The LCOE helps analyse the photovoltaic system and measure the lifetime costs of the photovoltaic (PV) technology over time to benchmark solar PV costs and understand its impact on the work.

Additionally, it’s compatible with mainstream trackers. 

  • Comprehensive LID/LeTID Mitigation

Both the LID and LeTID can impact the efficiency of modules. It decreases module efficiency by up to 5% with a reduction in short circuit current (ISC). The power loss can lead to a high LCOE and a shortened module lifespan

What makes the BiHiKu6 great is its comprehensive Light-induced Degradation (LID) and Light and Elevated Temperature-induced Degradation (LeTID) mitigation technology. It lowers up to 50% degradation of the solar modules. So, this bifacial solar can assure a longer lifespan of the solar modules and minimises a decrease in solar panel efficiency.

  • Minimises Micro-impacts

Candian Solar BiHiKu6 solar panel increases its reliability by minimising micro-crack impacts affecting the panel’s performance. It also increases its heavy snow load and wind load. It can now withstand 5,400 Pa snow load and 2,400 Pa wind load

  • Improved Shading Tolerance

The BiHiKu6 has better shading tolerance than its counterparts due to its monocrystalline cells. These solar cells tend to perform better in hot conditions. 

So you won’t have to worry about the durability of the solar panels because they are guaranteed to have a longer lifespan than those not utilising monocrystalline cells.  

Residential HiKu CS3L-MS installed in Sydney, NSW, Australia

What is the Canadian Solar BiHiKu6’s Warranty?

Canadian Solar offers its clients a 12-year product warranty and a 30-year linear power performance warranty.

Is the Canadian Solar BiHiKu6 a Tier 1 Solar Panel?

Yes, Canadian Solar BiHiKu6 qualifies as a “Tier 1” solar panel manufactured to the highest standards.

Canadian Solar is included in Bloomberg’s Top Tier 1 list of PV module manufacturing companies as it has more than 20 years of experience producing solar products, has state-of-the-art production facilities and has a solid reputation in the industry.

Is the Canadian Solar BiHiKu6 a CEC-Approved Panel?

Considering the Canadian Solar Inc is a CEC-approved solar manufacturer, the modules it produces, including the BiHiKu6, have been tested by the Clean Energy Council and approved for use across Australia.  

Is the Canadian Solar BiHiKu6 Solar Panel Safe and Reliable?

The Canadian Solar BiHiKu6 solar panel has enhanced its reliability with its LID/LeTID mitigation technology, lower hotspot temperature, improved shading tolerance, and its ability to minimise micro-crack impact features.

Internal reliability tests indicate that the BiHiKu6 can withstand a heavy snow loads of up to 5,400 Pa and wind loads of up to 2,400 Pa

The BiHiKu6 has monocrystalline solar cells derived from the highest-grade silicon to provide high efficiency, longer lifespan, and higher tolerance to high heat conditions.

Furthermore, BiHiKu6 has product certificates that prove the product meets local and international standards. This verifies that the materials and workmanship in making the solar PV are all reviewed and approved. 

As further proof, the BiHiKu6 solar panel is included in Bloomberg’s Top Tier 1 list of PV module manufacturing companies. This reflects Canadian Solar’s bankability based on its financial health. With the company’s growth for more than twenty years, Canadian Solar’s background guarantees premium solar panels that are cost-effective

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Canadian Solar BiHiKu6

In terms of strengths, the BiHiKu6 modules boast the following:

  • High Efficiency Levels

There’s an increased conversion efficiency due to the bifacial modules of Canadian Solar’s BiHiKu6 generating power from both sides. High efficiency means less space per Watt. So, you can save by installing fewer solar panels to meet your needs.

  • Durability

Canadian Solar BiHiKu6 is durable because of its high tolerance in warm climate conditions and LID and LeTID mitigation to minimise degradation. It can also withstand snow and strong winds and minimises the impacts of cracks. Its durability ensures a longer lifespan.

  • Reduced Degradation

BiHiKu6 has taken measures to reduce light-induced degradation and light and elevated temperature-induced degradation (LeTID). This prevents the reduction of solar power and module efficiency. 

  • Global Presence

Canadian Solar first started in Canada in 2001 and is now one of the leading manufacturers of solar panels globally. It has 20 manufacturing facilities in Asia and America. It also has subsidiaries in 23 countries on six continents. 

The company’s global presence gives security that you’re buying a product from a reputable company that provides international customer service and support. But this advantage is that Canadian Solar has a head office in Australia, specifically in Melbourne, and warehouses in Perth, Brisbane, and Sydney. 

A head office in Australia makes for accessible customer service, less performance warranty hassles, and fewer product warranty issues.

  • Warranties

Candian Solar offers a limited warranty to customers who purchase photovoltaic solar module products, such as BiHiKu6. The limited warranty includes a product warranty of 12 years and 30 years of linear power performance warranty. Nevertheless, this is longer than the standard 25 years warranty.

Despite these plus points, the BiHiKu6 modules also have some disadvantages:

  • Price

Although the Canadian Solar BiHiKu6 solar panel can lower system cost and Levelised cost of energy, it is still more expensive than monofacial solar panels. Because of its manufacturing procedure, the price can be 10% higher than that of the monofacial solar panels. 

  • Installation Costs

The installation cost is higher when purchasing bifacial solar panels like BiHiKu6. It is heavier and may require special installation equipment to maximise its benefits. 

  • Inflexible

BiHiKu6 is less flexible because it must be properly mounted to enjoy its full benefits. The structure, tilt angle, albedo of the ground, and other factors are things to consider to gain additional power from the backside of the solar panels. It works best when installed four meters from the ground to get more light underneath the solar panels. 

BiHiKu6 is more suited for solar farms and commercial settings than residential ones.  

Canadian Solar BiHiKu6 Installation

Canadian Solar is very specific with its installation manual for BiHiKu6. It clearly states that only qualified professionals should install the PV modules of BiHiKu6 solar panels. The company is not liable for any damages, either bodily harm or damage to property, in connection with handling the PV modules, system installation, or compliance or noncompliance with the instructions presented in the manual. 

Thus, it is best to avail of installation services from solar installers accredited by the Clean Energy Council in Australia. These certified installers undergo training to design and install solar, batteries, and other renewable energy systems. They are also well-informed of the best practice standards that are reliable and safe. 

Canadian Solar BiHiKu6 Compatibility with Inverters

A solar inverter is an essential piece of equipment in solar energy systems because it converts direct current (DC) electricity to alternate current (AC) electricity. 

The BiHiKu6 is compatible with string inverters when used in a large-scale utility plant or mid-scale solar project. String inverters connect a set of solar panels to one inverter via string and consequently convert the power produced by the string. It’s worthwhile equipment but may reduce power production if one panel has a problem. 

Canadian Solar provides more information regarding the connection with inverters in their installation manual. They recommend connecting the number of modules corresponding to the inverter’s voltage specification

Is the Canadian Solar BiHiKu6 Solar Panel Worth it for Your Home? Our Opinion

The many advantages of the Canadian Solar BiHiKu6 modules make them an ideal option for many Australian households

Bifacial solar panels absorb light on both sides, so they must be installed in such a way as to gain additional power from the backside too. If you have high energy needs and your house’s design and location allows for correct installation of the panels, the BiHiKu6 will surely meet all your expectations in terms of solar power. 

However, some aspects make the BiHiKu6 more appropriate for solar farms and commercial settings than residential settings.   

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